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With summertime industrious it’s time to huddle near your ac unit and song right into Exploration Network’s 36th yearly Shark Week. From July 7 to 13, 2024, you can obtain your day-to-day dosage of apex-predator activity, varying from scary tales to remarkable journey stories, provided right from the Exploration Network– with the aid of this year’s host, WWE tale John Cena. Wondering just how to view? Do not stress, we will not toss you over the top! Right here’s every little thing you require to recognize: just how to view, the most effective means to stream Shark Week, the complete Shark Week routine and even more.

Dates: July 7– 13, 2024

Time: shows begins at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Television Network: Exploration Network

Streaming: Exploration+, Max

2024 Shark Week is readied to range from Sunday, July 7 via Saturday, July 13.

This year, Shark Week programs will certainly premiere customarily on the Exploration Network and will certainly stream on Exploration+, yet will certainly likewise be offered to view on Max.

( Max)

Many Thanks to the Detector Bros. Exploration merging, you can currently stream Exploration Network reveals on Max! The streaming system hosts lots of prominent programs and films, consisting of Home of the Dragon, White Lotus, The Last people, And Easily and extra. Max has 3 rates offered: an ad-supported fundamental prepare for $10 month-to-month, an ad-free prepare for $17 month-to-month and an “best ad-free” strategy that supplies 4 gadget streams, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos noise and approximately 100 downloads for $21 month-to-month. Presently, there’s no totally free test straight via Max.

$9.99/month at Max

( Exploration+)

While you can currently stream Exploration Network material on HBO’s lately rebranded streaming system, Max, you can likewise still subscribe straight to the resource and stream Exploration Network material– consisting of Shark Week 2024– straight via Exploration+. If you’re not curious about spending for Max, Exploration+ is a fantastic (and less costly) alternate means to stream your preferred Exploration Network reveals. Register for the fundamental prepare for $4.99 month-to-month or go ad-free for $6.99. Exploration+ likewise supplies brand-new clients a 7-day totally free test, so, hypothetically, you could absolutely view every one of Shark Week totally free …

Try free at Discovery Channel

John Cena will host Shark Week this year. (Discovery)John Cena will host Shark Week this year. (Discovery)

John Cena will certainly hold Shark Week this year. (Exploration)

This year, Shark Week is held by John Cena. The fumbling celebrity will certainly bring some Huge Shark Power to this year’s shows. Cena prospers Aquaman celebrity Jason Mamoa, that held in 2015’s Shark Week.

” Tummy of the Monster: Larger and Bloodier” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

Among in 2015’s most prominent Shark Week reveals returns. Marine biologist Dr. Austin Gallagher, aquatic researcher Liv Dixon, and epic cameraman Kina Scollay take a trip to a brand-new area and head back right into the stubborn belly of a 29-foot whale decoy with brand-new shark attractant includes to develop the largest feeding craze ever before with 18-foot ‘Dog breeder’ sharks in New Zealand.

” Jaws vs Leviathan” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Orcas and various other toothed whales are striking Wonderful Whites in document numbers, noting the most recent phase in a 60-million-year fight in between Sharks and Whales. This competition started with The Leviathan, an ancient whale that as soon as went tooth to tooth with the best killer to ever before swim the seas … The Meg. Currently, Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Dr. Sona Kim, and Kina Scollay recreate these impressive fights and research whale techniques to find the best killer.

” Makozilla” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

A wave of vicious attacks versus the sea lion populace off The golden state’s coastline has actually triggered worries of an inhuman killer called “Mako-Zilla.” Current explorations, consisting of a 600-pound whipped sea lion with huge tears, tip that a 16-foot-long killer might be accountable. A group of shark professionals, consisting of bite expert Jeff Harris and Dr. Craig O’Connell, start an objective to reveal the identification of the gigantic killer haunting the coastline.

“Sydney Harbor Shark Intrusion” premieres at 11PM ET/PT on Exploration

Going back to the website of his very own 2009 shark strike for the very first time, Paul de Gelder signs up with Madison Stewart to explore a current Great White Shark strike that happened near Sydney Harbor, Australia– the initial deadly event in the area in practically 60 years. The significant experience, which was recorded on video camera, was the 6th strike to happen in as several weeks. Within this water sector, Wonderful Whites emulate Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and also human beings in an enormous fight for preeminence. The unraveling legend elevates the engaging concern of that will certainly arise successful in this extreme battle for prominence.

” Huge Shark Power” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

Shark professionals Dr. Riley Elliott and Kori Burkhardt placed on an unique shark competitors to figure out which man Great White Shark is the alpha in a pack of huge grownups. In the waters off New Zealand, they contrast the sharks rate, searching capability, and valiancy to identify that has the swagger to swim away with a women shark.

” Shark Craze: Breeding Gamings” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Dr. Craig O’Connell checks out the lovemaking of Oceanic White Tips & & Tiger Sharks, recommending that feeding crazes trigger love important for varieties survival. Equipped with sophisticated equipment, he manages feeding occasions to reveal the breeding web link, which is vital for varieties security.

” Great White Serial Awesome: Sea of Blood” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

After 3 deadly Great White shark strikes happened off a tiny Mexican angling town– consisting of one in which a target was beheaded – shark strike survivor Paul De Gelder signs up with shark detective Brandon McMillan and neighborhood biologist Gador Mutaner to release a strategy to ID the awesomes and maintain the citizens in the Sea of Cortez risk-free.

Encores go for 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.

” Most dangerous Attack” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

Making use of advanced modern technology, Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Annie Guttridge, Paul De Gelder and Skye Minnis reveal the tricks of Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead, Great White, and uncommon shark varieties’ jaw technicians and dive deep right into just how these sharks’ jaws and teeth provide dangerous strikes.

” 6000lb. Shark” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Marine Biologists Tom “The Blowfish” Hird and Leigh de Necker go looking for the fattest Wonderful White Sharks off the coastline of New Zealand and effort to acquire their poop to examine what they are consuming. Making use of advanced scientific research, they intend to evaluate a fantastic white precisely for the very first time, exposing if they can get to an incredible 6,000 extra pounds.

” Beast Hammerheads: Types X” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

Dr. Austin Gallagher and his group of scientists consisting of Liv Dixon, Zandi Ndhlovu, and Dr. Tristan Guttridge, explore a hostile populace of Hammerhead Sharks in Turks and Caicos, which they think might be a completely brand-new varieties.

Encores go for 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.

” Great White North” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

There’s an expanding populace of hostile White Sharks in a not likely area, Canada. Shark specialist Andy Casagrande goes out on an exploration along Nova Scotia’s coastline to explore a rise of Great White Shark experiences and determine if this brand-new populace might be the biggest on the planet.

” Exploration Unidentified: Sharks vs. Nazis in Heaven” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Worldwide traveler Josh Gates and shark biologist Tristan Guttridge partner with nature’s most dangerous killer to look for a shed wreckage sunk by a Nazi U-Boat throughout The Second World War.

” Alien Sharks: Ghosts of Japan” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

Japan’s waters are home to the biggest variety of shark varieties in the world, the majority of which take transcendent types. Wild animals biologist Forrest Galante, in addition to deep-sea aquatic researcher Christina de Silva and deep-water land surveyors, find and examine these unusual sharks in their objective to reveal whether the seriously threatened Angel Shark stays in Japan’s waters. Along the road, Forrest will certainly reveal 17 various and distinct varieties and witness the births of obscure Velour Dogfish sharks.

Encores go for 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.

“Beast of Oz” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

In southwestern Australia, an unidentified killer with a preference for Great White and Mako Sharks fires up worries of sea beasts in the void. Filmmakers Dave and Jennene Riggs sign up with Dr. Tristan Guttridge and Rosie Moore in effort to find the awesome.

” Caught! When Sharks Strike” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Scientists are experiencing an uncommon quantity of shark hostility and strikes. A group of professionals will certainly evaluate one of the most extreme shark experiences Caught! on video camera, introducing strange brand-new actions within these harmful communications.

” Great White Threat Area” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

Alison Towner and her group explore a brand-new Great White hotspot off the coastline of South Africa. Furnished with advanced fin video cameras, tracking tags, and undersea security, scientists reveal uncommon actions in these huge peak killers.

Encores go for 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.

” The Genuine Sharkano” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

Shark supporter and strike survivor Paul De Gelder checks out an ultra-remote island of shark-worshiping belonging to see if their secret means of swimming with lethal sharks holds the trick to human beings and sharks cohabiting in tranquility.

” Sharks of the Dead Area” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Considerable aquatic contamination and algal flower break outs are developing spooky dead areas in The United States and Canada’s many biodiverse tidewater. Dr. A Pretty Tiara Moore, in addition to Dr. Craig O’Connell, checks out whether Bull Sharks can continue the Indian River Shallows, a crucial baby room, regardless of the oxygen-depleted waters. Her objective might open the tricks to shark survival in altering seas.

” Shark Strike Island” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Exploration

A South Pacific heaven has actually come to be a shark strike location with Bull, Tiger, and Great White sharks relocating closer and closer to the hotel coastlines, fatally striking 7 individuals in the last 5 years. Dr. Riley Elliot, Paul De Gelder, and Kori Burkhardt carry out experiments to recognize the varieties accountable and discover why they are striking.

Encores go for 10PM and 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.

” Sharktopia” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Exploration

In Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands, a group of scientists quest for among the area’s last living leopard sharks. However as they venture much deeper right into the unidentified, the trip brings them in person with a few of the weirdest and wildest sharks in the world.

” Mothersharker: Hammer Time” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Exploration

Making use of the most recent undersea ultrasound and birth tag modern technology, scientists Dr. James Sulikowski and Beckah Campbell goal to fix the secret of where the evasive expectant scalloped hammerheads deliver– and it might be closer than any person understands.

Encores go for 10PM and 11PM ET/PT on Exploration.


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