Doom: The Darkish Ages’ Noticed Defend Has Already Been Modded Into the Authentic Doom

Inside hours of Xbox revealing Doom: The Darkish Ages, a modder had added the upcoming recreation’s severely metallic saw-toothed protect to the unique Doom.

Posting to X/Twitter, modder Craneo showcased a retro model of The Darkish Ages’ noticed protect getting used within the opening stage of Doom 2 on PC. The mod replaces the unique recreation’s chainsaw with the brand new shieldsaw, however this is not only a re-skin. In an effort to really replicate what we noticed in The Darkish Ages’ trailer, Craneo’s modded noticed not solely cuts by means of enemies, however will also be thrown into distant foes and used to defend towards harm.

This work arrived in faster than fast time: Craneo posted the video of the mod to X/Twitter barely 12 hours after the trailer for Doom: The Darkish Ages had debuted as a part of the Xbox Video games Showcase. Minutes later the .wad file for the mod was additionally posted.

Whereas developed rapidly, the mod appears constructed on sensible logic. The defend capability probably triggers a brief use of Doom’s godmode cheat to negate incoming harm – a talent the sport’s unique chainsaw actually would not have. As for the throw, it requires a little tinkering in the sourceport options, nevertheless it’s an efficient weapon within the OG Doom’s confined corridors, particularly as a result of it could actually ricochet. This model of the protect sadly cannot boomerang again to you, although, so you will want to remain alive lengthy sufficient to select it again up.

As for id Software program’s precise noticed protect, we’ll want to attend till 2025. Nevertheless, regardless of being a Bethesda recreation, Microsoft has determined to deliver Doom: The Darkish Ages to PlayStation 5 in addition to the anticipated Xbox and PC platforms. That is a very good factor, too, because it seems like Doom: The Darkish Ages could possibly be the collection’ boldest guess but.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s Senior Options Editor.

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