Trump concludes probation officer interaction before sentencing

Ex-President Donald Trump participated in a probation interview on Monday with a New York probation official, a routine part of the process for those convicted in criminal proceedings before a judicial authority determines their sentence. This is a brief from Yahoo News detailing the ongoing criminal and civil litigations involving Trump. Below are the current developments.

🚨 Current update

From his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Trump underwent a virtual consultation today with a New York probation officer, finishing in under half an hour. His attorney, Todd Blanche, who served as the primary counsel in his criminal trial in New York that culminated in guilty judgments on 34 counts of business record falsification, was in attendance. The outcomes of this interview will be sent to Judge Juan Merchan, who will use this information to decide on the sentences for the previous president and probable GOP presidential candidate on July 11.

🔬Insight: Covered topics

  • The session with the probation official, who was reported by NBC News to be female, was executed via a secure video call.

  • Normally, lawyers aren’t present for such interviews, however, Blanche’s attendance was permitted by Merchan and prosecutors expressed no opposition.

  • Although Trump is among the most prominent individuals ever to face conviction in the United States, the pre-sentencing consultation’s aim is to amass details about the defendant’s past crimes and various considerations such as health data, all of which Merchan could use in determining the sentence.

  • Merchan holds the authority to dictate Trump’s sentence. Each felony count from the trial bears a potential maximum of 4 years’ incarceration, yet sentences for each count would probably run concurrently if incarceration is the chosen punishment. The consensus among legal experts is that Trump will likely evade prison time, getting fines and probation instead.

  • Sentencing will also take into account Trump’s age, him being a newcomer to criminal conviction, and his persistent flouting of the gag order Merchan imposed, which is still effective.

  • Trump persists in denouncing Judge Merchan, the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and President Biden for what he denounces as a politically-charged lawsuit against him.

🗓 Upcoming steps

The submitted interview details will enable Merchan to finalize and announce Trump’s sentencing at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse in New York on July 11.

📖 Context

⚖️ Trump’s ongoing legal struggles

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