These steward-endorsed packing cubes are now just $24 for Prime members

As the peak season for summer journeys approaches, you may find yourself eager to embark on an adventure! It’s the time when we all anticipate unwinding at our chosen getaway spots. Craving an insider tip for a hassle-free journey? Impeccably organizing your suitcase is key. Those who travel as a career have mastered the art of packing, and according to numerous cabin crew members, these squeeze packing cubes are their go-to for fitting all their belongings into their luggage tidily — and this six-pack can be purchased for a mere $24 for Prime Members on Amazon.


Several cabin crew members elevate their voyage essentials with compression packing cubes, and these selections from the esteemed brand Bagail even include a specific shoe sack.

Discount $7 for Prime members

$24 at Amazon

Why is this a smart purchase? 💰

If your getaway is already scheduled and there is no moment to lose — now’s the opportunity to seize this offer. These cubes haven’t been priced this low for ages, and the cost is likely to escalate from here on.

Why should I consider this? 🤔

Should the task of preparing for a journey seem daunting to you, packing cubes might be highly beneficial. They aid in maintaining order and systematization of your items during voyages. Yet, these gadgets add another layer with their compression capability. It enables you to squash the cubes down even more to save room in your travel bag.

Each cube is equipped with an additional zipper on the perimeter that, when zipped, compresses the cubes. Its operation is akin to a vacuum sealing device, sans the need for extra gadgetry. Curious about the methodology? After neatly folding and flattening your garments, arrange them into the cube and zip up the usual zipper. As you compress the cube, keep a digit behind the zipper track to prevent snagging the fabric. Close it all the way, and you will discern that the cube has contracted noticeably.

This particular assortment includes four typical compression cubes in a variety of dimensions (from small to extra-large), a narrow compression sack, and a footwear sack.

packing cubes packing cubes

Heed the counsel of sky-bound pros — these clever devices can elevate your packing efficiency. (Amazon)

What commentators say 💬

Above 14,000 customers express that these packing cubes have simplified their travel experience, including testimonies from flight attendants and other crew members who sing their praises.

Pros 👍

“As a cabin crew member, these are the packaging cubes I consistently rely on,” a seasoned aviator penned. “They facilitate simplified packing and even aesthetically, they’re quite pleasing. The ability to expand them as needed is particularly appealing to me.”

Another member of the cabin crew remarked on her fondness for these since they “maintain my luggage well-organized and densely packed,” while yet another chimed in, noting their efficiency in “compacting my things more effectively.” “It’s fantastic that I’m able to compress it to a compact block once my attire is stowed,” commented the same customer.

authored the critic. “Staying in hotels for 14-16 nights per month and hardly ever the same one for over a night. These cubes (purchased two sets) ensure I stay sorted, abbreviate time spent packing and unpacking, plus maintain my attire devoid of creases.”

. Limitations 👎

Although some patrons are enthused by them, one individual opined expressing a wish for a transparent vinyl section on each cube “to identify the packed items.” Adhesive tape and a marker were entirely adequate.

Additionally, for those who pack frequently, heed this shopper’s advice: choose the six-pack over the four-pack. And for individuals needing a bit more space, yet not another entire set, mentioned this critic, it’s beneficial if the brand provided “options to buy additional larger cubes separately.”


For shoppers seeking a burst of color and a smaller collection size (sans the footwear pouch), this quartet is perfectly suitable.

A $7 discount for Prime members

$20 at Amazon

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The testimonies quoted above reflect their latest versions at the time of publishing.

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