Top-tier travel gadgets as recommended by airline staff — Apple, Google, and others

Embarking on a journey soon? It’s likely you’ve already confirmed that your passport, apparel, and grooming essentials are packed. And that should suffice for an extraordinary adventure around the globe, no? Incorrect. For an absolutely seamless and relaxed voyage, we strongly endorse acquiring some of the most acclaimed travel gadgets. Irrespective of whether you embark on an aerial journey or a long drive, these gadgets are endorsed by veteran globetrotters and experts within the travel domain.

From sound-dampening earphones to portable chargers for energizing your devices, carrying along a handful of these ingenious tech gadgets can prove to be a savvy decision. And what group could offer better advice on travel technology than airline staffers, who traverse the skies regularly? We engaged in conversation with a cabin crew member and delved into online recommendations to compile this list of endorsed products, and below are the results we collected.


Apple AirTags are outstanding for monitoring not only your keyring and wallet, but they ensure that your checked bags remain accounted for too!

Many seasoned voyagers will advise that the simplest approach to avert misplacing checked bags is to carry them on, but this can’t always be the case. To enhance the chances of your luggage staying with you, consider utilizing an Apple AirTag. “I place one inside my stewardess bag every time I need to check my luggage,” mentioned an elated customer. “Their simplicity and efficacy unquestionably justify the investment.”

$80 at Amazon


This pint-sized five-inch humidifier fits snugly in a handbag and even includes an LED nightlight.

Simon Wu, a cabin attendant with Cathay Pacific for over half a decade, confided to Yahoo Life that a humidifier is imperative following an extended flight. “A humidifier is absolutely crucial for my epidermis post a lengthy aerial trip,” he explained. He advocates this specific make and model, attributed to its miniature size. “Its diminutive stature renders it incredibly portable.” It’s powered via USB, features a dual spray mode, and even has a LED night-light feature.

$9 at Amazon


A rival to Apple’s AirPods, these sound-canceling earphones offer up to 31 hours of charge lifespan with their accompanying case. 

Although Apple AirPods are well-liked, Wu has a preference for the Google Pixel Buds Pro. “The Pixel Buds are indispensable when I want to rest on my shift breaks,” he remarked. They are portable, boast impressive charge lifespan and employ Active Noise Cancellation to significantly minimize ambient noise. Furthermore, you can utilize Google to navigate, take phone calls and manage your tunes, maintaining a hands-free experience. 

$140 at Amazon


Eliminate concerns about your smartphone’s energy depletion with this convenient Anker power bank. 

The likelihood of frequent phone usage during your expedition will inevitably exhaust the battery. A charging device is essential. This Anker model, in particular, is well-regarded by Amazon clientele, including cabin staff. “Being a flight attendant, constant access to power is crucial,” commented one. “To take the place of an older Anker model I had accidentally left on a plane, I acquired this. This charger fits my needs perfectly. … This device replenishes my phone’s power with incredible swiftness and can manage about four

Complete recharges for my iPhone X are provided. My principal gripe concerns its design. I’d prefer it slightly more svelte… adjacent to my phone it overhangs, rendering handling difficult. Apart from that, it’s an excellent, swift charging unit and convenient to pack for trips!

$34 at Amazon


Heading overseas? Remember, power sockets differ across nations. This all-encompassing travel adaptor ensures your devices stay charged. 

An all-encompassing travel adapter enables continued powering of devices like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This multi-port model features four USB-A ports and one USB-C. “Procured this for our nephew who’s gearing up for his inaugural journey to Europe!” mentioned a seasoned travel expert. “This adapter is a single, robust mechanism; I plan to secure several for my spouse and myself since we work as flight crew! The assurance of not misplacing any components is wonderful!”

$20 at Amazon


For those who need to power more demanding gadgets, this multipurpose travel adapter is equipped with a voltage transformer from 110 to 220V, which is beneficial for appliances like hair curlers and blowers.

If you planIf you plan to pack devices like hairstyling equipment and powered toothbrushes, acquiring a universal plug adapter with a voltage transformer would be advantageous. “As someone who’s retired from being an international flight attendant, I’ve owned all manners of converters for travel abroad,” mentioned this reviewer. “The Bestek converter is by far the superior one I’ve purchased. It streamlines the charging process for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, styling tools, and laptops, allowing you to power multiple devices concurrently. My compact styling iron, which I suspected wouldn’t be compatible with the converter, actually heated up flawlessly. Thoroughly impressed!”

$34.19 for Prime members at Amazon


Often, hotel accommodations lack a microwave, an inconvenience if you have the need to warm up leftover meals or prepare breakfast. This is where the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven comes into play, an electrical meal-warmer bag that has earned a following among airline personnel.

One five-star reviewer claims it’s indispensable for cabin crew: “I absolutely adore my Hot Logic. As a flight attendant with many years of service, this device is my second one. … Generally, I work back-to-back flights (day trips), yet I always bring it along just in the event that we don’t return and end up having an overnight stay. … Microwaves in hotels are a rarity outside of North America. The Hot Logic pairs well with converters too. You should just monitor the temperature closely when it’s connected to a converter.”

$35 at Amazon


Cord and adapter mess can become unruly, yet a device organizer like this streamlines packing and it’s also water-resistant!

While not strictly a technological device, a gadget holder such as this one by Bubm is crucial for tech-oriented travel since it consolidates all your adapters and cords into a single spot. “I adore this organizer,” mentioned a cabin crew individual in their feedback. “Being a flight attendant, I bring three Apple devices, a pair of chargers (tube-shaped) and wireless earphones. It goes without saying, numerous cords and plugs are necessary for recharging, and this accommodates them all, even extras.”

$11 at Amazon

If you possess Amazon Prime, complimentary delivery is included, of course. If you’re not subscribed yet? It’s not an issue. You may start your complimentary 30-day trial right here. (Additionally, those without Prime can still enjoy free shipping for purchases exceeding $25.)

The testimonials cited above mirror the latest versions at the publication’s cut-off date.

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