The ‘Bachelor’ saga is not renowned for embracing diverse body shapes. One contender in Jenn Tran’s ‘Bachelorette’ season is garnering enthusiasm from admirers.

Fans of Bachelor Nation are on the edge of their seats for Bachelorette Jenn Tran’s approaching season, set to begin July 8, at which point ABC revealed the 25 aspirants vying for her affection with roses.

On June 3, the channel disclosed the contenders’ images and personal descriptions. Amongst these gentlemen, boasting professions varying from pet portrait business owner to master of wine, stands a participant who’s sparking quite a stir among the community.

Several followers have highlighted 28-year-old Brett Harris, an occupational health and safety supervisor from Manheim, Pa., for challenging the series’ usual stringent recruitment patterns.

In an Instagram overview of the upcoming suitors by ABC, commenters expressed their eagerness for Harris’s series entrance, with a number already advocating for him to become the subsequent Bachelor.

“High time we saw a more sizable gentleman on these series, onward Brett,” one admirer penned.

“Brett is destined to be the darling of this season,” another suggested.

“Now I am hopeful to witness some representation of varying body types in the Bachelor editions for the women,” someone else mentioned.

While the Bachelor legacy is a mainstay in the realm of reality TV, it has often been the target of disapproval for its failure to showcase a spectrum of body sizes among its protagonists and challengers.

Roses for Every Body, a digital crusade advocating for panorama body embracement in the Bachelor cosmos, has persistently rebuked the saga for its neglect to present individuals of all body shapes. In 2022, this group initiated its “Fat Bachelor Inclusion Effort” and began circulating a petition that has secured over 11,000 endorsements, urging the series’ originators and production houses to “take a stand against size discrimination in their program.”

Speaking unitedly under the designation Roses for Every Body, the association disclosed to Yahoo Entertainment their guarded optimism over Harris’s inclusion in this installment.

“The Bachelor franchise, which has seen a sum of 49 installments with about 1,300 participants, and Brett symbolizes just the third individual that might be contemplated as not slender. The previous pair were both dismissed on their initial evening,” Roses for Every Body elucidated.

Bo Stanley, a surfer and fashion model, participated in Bachelor Chris Soules’s round in 2015, and Bryan Witzmann, a former gridiron football athlete, was seen on Bachelorette Michelle Young’s episode in 2021. Previously, Roses for Every Body revealed to Yahoo that “they were both eliminated on their first night, accruing less than sixty seconds of screen presence each.”

“Brett’s presence is significant because the optimistic romantic representation of larger individuals in media can contribute to the erosion of size prejudice and the abolition of systemic disarray,” the collective pronounced. “It’s integral because viewers yearn to see their own likenesses in the media.”

Jordan Cagle, 26, a plus-size acclamation and fashion influencer residing in Ashland, Ky., expressed to Yahoo that Harris’s introduction is of great consequence for both reality media and the notion of body acceptance broadly.

“The introduction of a larger figure in arguably the most prominent love-based reality program offers solace to a demographic traditionally told their appearance is undesirable,” she noted. “My aspiration is that ABC is finally heeding the message.”

ABC and Warner Bros., responsible for the production of the program, have been approached by Yahoo Entertainment for remarks but have yet to respond.

Cagle, who tunes into Bachelor productions as well as other reality television adventures, believes these broadcasts significantly influence not just the public perception of plus-sized individuals but also how these individuals view themselves.

“I’m aware that larger individuals are worthy of triumph, fame, adoration, and all benefits that are innate to being a holistic individual. Nevertheless, the absence of this portrayal makes one forgetful,” she illustrated. “You start consenting to the pervasive skepticism and identify with the misinformed masses. I often question whether indulging in the program makes me a contrarian or if I’m just another larger lady exhausted of being informed of my assumed limitations.”

Although the proportion of one plus-sized man out of a selection of 25 conventionally attractive individuals feels insufficient, she still recognizes this progress as a step forward.

“I desire to see partners who mirror my body type find romance, and I wish for the public to recognize that those who are fuller figured indeed have choices!” she declared.

“The appeal for representation across all body sizes has persisted for some years, and characteristically, The Bachelor [along with The Bachelorette] are trailing the movement,” Roses for Every Body asserted, mentioning that the series periodically “cherry-picks” various contestants sporadically through the years.

The constituency holds a cautious stance, not fully convinced that Brett will “avoid being pigeonholed into discussing his diet” and hopes he thrives beyond the inaugural episode.

“While our enthusiasm is palpable and we remain hopeful for an evolution in the show’s recruiting style, we’re growing weary of commending the series for the infrequent appearance of a non-slim contender,” they disclosed. “Should the Bachelor dynasty genuinely aspire to substantial amendments within its structure rather than opting for merely token gestures, they must heed our pleas earnestly.”

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