South Korean Forces Discharge Cautionary Shots as North Korean Personnel Transiently Infiltrate Boundary

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — In the face of heightened tensions over the North’s recent propagation of debris-laden balloon launches, South Korean forces discharged cautionary shots following a violation of the terrestrial boundary by North Korean military personnel earlier this week, according to an announcement from South Korea’s military on Tuesday.

A contingent of North Korean solders, engaged in nondisclosed activities on their side of the frontier, crossed into the demilitarized zone on Sunday, reported by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The North Korean troops quickly retreated back across the demarcation after the South Korean military released warning shots and transmitted cautionary broadcasts, the Joint Chiefs of Staff conveyed. They added that there were no other dubious endorsements from the North.

South Korea’s military surmised that the North Korean troops’ border crossing did not seem intentional, as the area is heavily forested and the demarcation line signage is not clearly visible, according to a briefing by Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson Lee Sung Joon.

This heavily fortified terrestrial boundary, littered with landmines, stands as the globe’s most heavily armed frontier, a product of the 1950-53 Korean War which concluded with a ceasefire, rather than a war-ending treaty.

The recent actions of the North prompted South Korea on Sunday to reactivate its border loudspeakers blasting anti-Northern propaganda, in retaliation to the North’s balloon launches of waste and debris over the frontier. South Korea has indicated that North Korea has erected loudspeakers of its own on the border, although they have yet to be utilized.

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