‘Sopranos’ luminary Drea de Matteo notes engagement with OnlyFans led to the epiphany of being ‘a 52-year-old lady with an irresistible figure’

While Drea de Matteo is renowned for her portrayal of Adriana La Cerva on The Sopranos, her most significant commitment is parenting her duo of offspring: Alabama Gypsy Rose, 16, and Waylon “Blackjack” Jennings, 13. De Matteo recalls that her initial pregnancy in her late 30s coincided with caring for her cherished ex-nanny, affectionately dubbed Monkey. “Having been nurtured by a nanny, I was determined not to have my kids reared by one,” she confides to Yahoo Life. “Therefore, I sacrificed a great portion of my professional life to support Monkey and subsequently to be present for my children.” Whenever professional duties beckoned, she would ensure Monkey and her children accompanied her to the set.

“My offspring often express gratitude for the sacrifices made to nurture them,” de Matteo observes. “I don’t regard it as a sacrifice, though, since their existence was my ultimate desire,” she asserts. “That’s the pinnacle of my achievements. Nothing I undertake on earth parallels nurturing those two kids. I wasn’t naturally skilled at it. Through their guidance, I honed these skills. It’s a sentiment echoed by many parents. Indeed, they’ve steered me in everything. My choices have always been centered around their well-being.”

Mostly a solitary parent for the “entire duration of the kids’ lives,” de Matteo has relied upon her “tribe” of intimate female comrades and kin. “They each have a unique bond with each woman, which is quite magnificent,” the performer shares.

De Matteo takes pride in teaching her children about respecting limits and the significance of the word “no.” “I adhere to the conservative Italian parenting ethos that may not align with current political correctness,” she mentions. “I’m aware some parents refrain from using terms like ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’, or ‘no.’ I find that absurd. Then, these kids visit my domain, wreak chaos, and treat their parents with utter disrespect. I’m left pondering, ‘Who indeed is in charge here?’”

As teenagers now, the erstwhile Sons of Anarchy actress’s progeny have more influence in family matters. Like the time the family faced eviction, leading to discussions about de Matteo launching an OnlyFans profile. She attributes the platform with averting financial disaster for her household.

“We were on the brink of losing our abode,” she reminisces. “Observing my kids aid in the weekly packing of our home so strangers could visit and witnessing the ‘for sale’ placard going up … This home is steeped in Christmas memories. We were navigating a particularly somber period. In jest, the kids suggested, ‘Just showcase your feet on OnlyFans, and be done with it.’ They also stated, ‘Your pride is excessive. If you don’t make a move, we’ll soon be parting ways.’ And I realized they were correct. Who indeed cares?”

Initially, she was overcome with insecurity and shame upon starting her OnlyFans, but gradually, de Matteo embraced the concept. “I had to acknowledge, ‘I am indeed a 52-year-old with an enviable physique,’” de Matteo reflects. “Striding onto the set in stilettos with swimwear or lingerie fills me with pride. I never bestowed such attention upon myself before. If anything, I was my own toughest judge. And nowadays, with a daughter in her teens, it’s imperative to value oneself more, for if we do not demonstrate self-love to these youngsters, no one else will do it.”

This insight bears particular resonance as de Matteo witnesses how Alabama criticizes herself. “My girl is preoccupied with ensuring her integrity,” she notes. “Questions such as, ‘Was that unkind? Was that inappropriate?’ frequently arise. And I reassure her, ‘Take it easy. Your mother is here to alert you if you’re being impolite. Yet I’m constantly there to prevent her from being exploited.’”

It isn’t only about fostering self-esteem and resolve in her offspring. De Matteo also channels personal expression. Her freshest endeavor is a streetwear collection, ULTRAFREE, with loftier aspirations.

“The drive behind ULTRAFREE is to champion liberty and foster solidarity amongst Americans, aiming to quell animosity across political divides, ethnicities, and sexual orientations,” she says. “The ethos of the ULTRAFREE label is to resurrect an era of naivety. To reignite mutual affection. To rediscover love.”

In essence, just as her fashion line celebrates autonomy, de Matteo aspires to embolden her progeny to maintain independent thought. “The key for both progeny and parents nowadays is balance — no deceit, no dishonesty,” the mother of two proclaims. “Persistently seek the veracity, regardless. Scrutinize all perspectives before forming judgments. Resist conforming to the multitude.”

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