Discover the Top Flight Crew-Endorsed Journey Necessities – All Currently Discounted

Preparing for summer excursions soon? Let’s run through the inventory to confirm you’re all set — Possess a passport ready? How about the personal care items? Is your check-in bag prepared? With the fundamentals out of the way, there might be some crucial travel items you haven’t considered — essentials highly recommended not just by globetrotters but also by aviation professionals (and we’re not solely referring to your wanderlust friend, but rather actual flight crews). From the top-ranked supportive travel pillow to an carry-on endorsed by pilots, these picks come highly recommended and make us wonder, “Why didn’t it cross my mind?”

Ultimately, who is more trustworthy for journey gadget recommendations than the experts navigating the skies? For the perfect pair of traveling flats, cabin attendants vouch for popular Allbirds shoes for their day-long support. Concerned about the lack of in-flight entertainment? Better be cautious and opt for a holder for $13 that elevates your phone to eye level and secures to the folded tray table — and there’s more to unearth.

Explore the finest aviation crew-endorsed journey essentials underneath, ensuring you’re equipped from all angles for your ensuing adventure.


It’s widely recognized that Travelpro is the luggage label of choice for flight crew members, and it’s wise to heed the experts’ advice, right? Boasting a featherweight design and robust build, this carry-on is notably favored and recommended by aviators.

“For my years spent as an airline pilot, I prefer the two-wheel version of this carry-on I’ve been relying on,”a reviewer who gave the product five stars on Amazon remarked. “My spouse was set on acquiring this model with the quartet of wheels. It has performed admirably across assorted terrains.”

priced at $144 on Amazon


Dozing off on an aircraft can be considerably more disconcerting than one may envision. Putting resources into a travel cushion that aids in the onset and maintenance of slumber could be a clever strategy endorsed by aviation professionals.

A certain steward claimed he utilizes this top-selling neck pillow for his journeys back after lengthy flights abroad. He mentions that it considerably simplifies the task of unwinding at high altitudes. “It enables me to rest without the consequence of enduring a severe neck discomfort,” enthused the steward.

marked down to $47 at Amazon


Jetting off with a myriad of technological devices is the norm — encompassing your laptop, smartphone, external battery pack, and tablet — but this also results in an assortment of cords to keep orderly and store. Cabin crew and seasoned travelers mention this dual-layer electronic gadgets organizer can accommodate everything and includes a specific partition for an iPad.

“I am a flight attendant and I adore this organizer!” one professional wrote. “I stow my iPad, passport, cables, documents, and hand sanitizer in it. It maintains my organization!”

$19 at Amazon


Voyaging can be quite tense, and when you board an aircraft without any in-flight amusement, it truly is a downer. This mobile stand allows you to position your gadget at eye level for watching your beloved series or films, all while being hands-free during flight. It effortlessly latches onto your suitcase handle, making it an incredibly convenient, compact addition. Airline staff members highly regard it, utilizing it for trips and continuing to use it upon return — nobody should hold it against you if this contraption proves to be so handy you end up employing it every day?

“As a commuting air hostess, [this] is extremely practical!” one reviewer said. “At home, I appreciate having it erected on the counter.”

$13 at Amazon


This suspended toiletry case achieves a harmonious size that is both sufficient and compact, complete with numerous convenient traits adored by experienced travelers. 

Beyond the half-dozen integrated compartments and diverse slots, it is accompanied by a separable, lucid makeup holder that additionally is sanctioned by the TSA — ensuring security checks are a breeze. 

A number of cabin crew members commend this ingeniously crafted pouch for streamlining their toiletry transport. “I am a cabin attendant, and it accommodates everything!!!” the five-star critic penned. “I absolutely adore it! The zippers glide smoothly and it’s extensively planned out to cater to your necessities. I cannot express enough praise for it.”

$25 at Amazon


Travel experts and frequent

Seasoned travelers claim that utilizing a set of packing cubes is among the most straightforward methods to maintain orderliness while on the move. If you are prone to stuffing your suitcase to the brim or find yourself persistently leaving items behind, these tools can assist in keeping your belongings neatly organized and simple to locate. The eight-piece collection not only features bags of multiple dimensions but also consists of a kit for toiletries, a compartment for shoes, and a pouch for socks — and experts are enamored.

“As I prepare for my flight attendant instruction, I decided to purchase these to aid in arranging the numerous items I have to take,” commented a reviewer. “To my astonishment, both my pairs of stilettos fitted inside the shoe bag.”

$15 at Amazon


Unless your journey abroad entails fully detaching from all devices (inclusive of your hair straightener), you’re going to require a plug adapter. This particular design is incredibly streamlined and adeptly transforms European outlets, enabling the use and charging of your electronic devices. It is also outfitted with a pair of USB slots, providing ample power for your electronic gear and offering a significant return on your investment.

Reported a frequent flyer to Brazil after purchasing this adapter, she hasn’t faced “any difficulties powering her hair straightener, hair dryer, or phone charger.”

$13 at Amazon


When numerous cabin attendants give their insights, it’s time to pay attention. Such is the popularity with this buzzing $34 jumpsuit. A multitude of cabin crew personnel acclaim it as their preferred travel ensemble due to its elasticity, ease and above all, its coziness.

“Both I and my crew colleagues were showcased in a publication about traveling, all donning this one-piece,” one five-star reviewer penned. “It has become a beloved staple among our stewardess collective when voyaging. We’ve affectionately dubbed it the ‘sisterhood of the traveling jumpsuit!'”

The critic also mentioned how she adores it for being “comfy, affordable [and a] simple single item” that’s incredibly straightforward to “elevate or keep casual.”

$34 at Amazon

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is an undervalued travel gear marque that the discerning highly commend. This air mesh waist pouch is noted for its resilience and smart design, boasting inconspicuous pockets ideal for stealthy travel — plus, it harbors an impressive tally of belongings. Whether slung cross-body or strapped around the waist, it offers easily accessible, unencumbered regulation to your travel documents, finances, keys, and other must-haves.

An aviation expert professed her “infatuation” with this resourcefully crafted travel requisite. “I was looking for a waist pouch to wear as a crossbody and it’s perfect,” the elated consumer expressed. “Being a flight stewardess, it’s fantastic for adventures or grabbing a coffee in the concourse area,” the five-star purchaser noted.

$79 at Dagne Dover


For hours on end, flight attendants remain on their feet, hence their input regarding comfortable footwear is valued. Known for their snug and form-fitting designs, Allbirds has a reputation that its Tree Breezers flats hold favor with those in the aviation industry.

“As a flight attendant, I prefer a flat shoe choice for lengthy flights,” a top-notch feedback contributor remarked. “They’re perfect for slipping on swiftly to ease my feet. Their breathable and featherlight nature feels like sporting warm socks with soles.”

$90 at Allbirds


Purchasing an expensive beverage at the airport and lacking a place to set it down is a frustration one would rather avoid. This detachable caddy affixes to the handle of your rolling suitcases and provides compartments for a couple of cups — and it is indeed habitually employed by the world’s flight attendants.

“I’m a flight attendant and I adore this particular product,” remarked an individual on Amazon. “The hook-and-loop ‘quick release’ is unsurpassed! Previously, I had a stretchable variant that looped over the handle but it wasSuch a nuisance, yet this one excels!”

$10 at Amazon


While traversing the amiable heavens, the cabin’s air pressure can make many a traveler’s feet bloat. It’s judicious to procure compression socks to boost blood flow and avert puffiness, and these top-selling, cabin crew-endorsed socks boast over 57,000 glowing reviews — and are available at half-price.

“Stewardess endorsed!” commented a jubilant purchaser. “I toil as a stewardess and endure swelling in everything when mounting two, three or sometimes four excursions a day. These hosiery are on par with those for which I have previously shelled out $30 per pair! They launder nicely! Snug and truly prevent my feet from becoming weary and swollen during the day.”

Another cabin crew member began wearing these following a colleague’s suggestion. “[A] seasoned aircrew advised me to don hosiery for protracted flights/duty periods and I’m pleased I heeded the advice! My feet are more comfortable, and I recuperate swiftly! The fetching patterns are a delightful perk that garner frequent compliments.”

$16 at Amazon

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