Popeyes enters the fast-food value wars with $6.99 meal

The arguable winner of the battle for the best chicken sandwich has now entered the fast-food value wars.

Cajun-inspired chicken chain Popeyes has reintroduced its Big Box promotion, where customers can score a poultry-rich meal for under $10.

The Popeyes Big Box features two pieces of signature chicken, which are hand-battered and breaded, then fried. The Big Box is served with your choice of two sides and a buttermilk biscuit for $6.99.

The Big Box meal. (Popeyes)The Big Box meal. (Popeyes)

The Big Box meal. (Popeyes)

In addition, the chicken chain is offering a shareable option: the Bigger Box. Customers can choose from either 10 pieces of fried chicken or 10 chicken tenders and four biscuits for $20. Both the Big and Bigger Box deals are now available nationwide and can be ordered for both pick-up and delivery.

This lower-cost meal isn’t new, although the price is — in 2022, the Big Box was $6, proving that even hand-breaded deliciousness has become a victim of inflation.

Popeyes becomes the latest chain to announce a lower-cost meal amid the value wars, where the country’s most popular fast-food eateries vie for the coins of cash-conscious consumers. In May, CNBC reported that McDonald’s USA would be introducing a $5 value meal for one month starting June 25. The meal consists of either a McChicken and McDouble, a four-piece McNuggets, fries and a drink.

Burger King then one-upped the Golden Arches by re-releasing a $5 value meal, purposefully debuting it to customers before McDonald’s meal. First reported by Bloomberg, which obtained a Burger King memo discussing the deal, the value meal would contain the choice of one of three sandwiches with nuggets, fries and a drink.

Wendy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and even fast casual chains like Denny’s, Applebee’s and Chili’s have also introduced their own low-cost options.

Folks have been posting about eye-popping fast food prices on TikTok, X and beyond. Viral complaints about the cost of $17 for two Filet O’ Fish sandwiches, $3 for a single hash brown and more than $24 for a cheeseburger, soda and fries at Five Guys.

Popeyes itself came under fire when multiple accounts from California residents reported prices of more than $74 for a 20 piece meal, with prices on DoorDash nearly totaling $84 for the same menu item.

Now, even drug stores are holding back on high costs. Walgreens announced it would be lowering prices on more than a thousand items, following the lead of other retailers and restaurants hoping to lure back customers who feel they are being overcharged.

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