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When it comes to beauty awards, the products get all the love. And while we genuinely love every single swatch, spray, and ounce of our product winners, it’s the people behind the curtain who drive formulas, trends, and change. This year, our winners in the Beauty Pro category dedicate their energy (and platforms) to amplifying joy, evidence-based education, and disruption in the beauty industry. Read all about 2024’s most thoughtful, talented, exciting pros in the industry below.

The Creator: Monet McMichael

<p>Instagram / @monetmcmichael</p><p>Instagram / @monetmcmichael</p>

Instagram / @monetmcmichael

Monet McMichael brings a refreshing perspective and energy to the creator landscape. Over the last two years, she’s become an It girl on Instagram and TikTok, amassing millions of engaged supporters across both platforms. Through her relatable beauty and fashion content, you can feel that McMichael is genuine, down to earth, and a total girl’s girl. As the 24-year-old’s influence and popularity has continued to soar, she’s been able to land several successful partnerships that feel totally in line with her ethos. McMichael has collaborated with brands like Snif, L’Oreal Paris, and Dezi Eyewear, to name a few. Though she’s already accomplished a lot in the beauty and fashion world, it’s exciting to know that she’s just getting started.” — Olivia Hancock, editor

The Founder: Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye

<p>Instagram / @diarrhaxo</p><p>Instagram / @diarrhaxo</p>

“When I first chatted with Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye over Zoom in 2021, I knew that she was onto something truly special with Ami Colé. Her mission to celebrate her Senegalese heritage, New York upbringing, and the beauty of melanin-rich skin inspired me to my core. N’Diaye-Mbaye’s cosmetics brand has become known for its high-performing, inclusive products like the Lip Treatment Oil, Skin-Enhancing Tint, and Skin Melt Loose Powder (which won a Byrdie Award last year). It’s been beautiful to watch how N’Diaye-Mbaye has continued to drop innovative products made for us over the last three years while passionately championing community and diversity along the way.” — Olivia Hancock, editor

The Hairstylist: Nai’vasha Johnson

<p>Instagram / @naivashaintl</p><p>Instagram / @naivashaintl</p>

Instagram / @naivashaintl

“That one of Nai’vasha Johnson’s most famous clients—Tracee Ellis Ross—is pretty much synonymous with ‘fabulous hair that never looks the same twice’ tells you everything you need to know about her expert skill as a stylist. She’s given Lily Gladstone glamorous screen siren waves at Cannes, helped Alexandra Shipp go coquette with a bow-accented braided ponytail, and created the perfect tribal braid-‘fro combo for singer Nabiyah Be—and that’s just this year. While the styles she creates are versatile, they all have a few things in common: impeccable craft, innovation, and a certain regality. Her work really puts the ‘crown’ in ‘crowning glory.'”— Eden Stuart, editor

The Makeup Artist: Keita Moore

<p>Instagram / @kilprity</p><p>Instagram / @kilprity</p>

“When I first sat in Keita Moore’s chair at a beauty event, I knew he was special. It wasn’t until he finished my makeup that I realized how special his artistry truly is. The same hands that touched my face (more than once!) have also touched the faces of some of your favorite celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monae, Yara Shahidi, Iman, and so many more. His journey from working at MAC Cosmetics to leading the makeup for magazine cover shoots, red carpets, and campaigns is truly inspiring, and from his step-by-step tutorials to beauty breakdowns, I constantly find myself taking notes. His attention to detail and innovation, especially when creating flawless looks on Black and brown skin, is truly craftsmanship and proves that makeup is art, which is what makes him one of the most sought-after makeup artists.” — Jasmine Phillips, social media editor

The Nail Artist: Tom Bachik

<p>Instagram / @tombachik</p><p>Instagram / @tombachik</p>

“We like to joke at Byrdie that we are because of how much we pay attention to (and cover) Bachik’s impeccable manicures. As the go-to manicurist for Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, and more, Bachik always perfectly fuses classic glamour with the coolest trends, always paired with a catchy moniker. But he’s not just following the trends. The ‘rich girl’ and butter yellow trends are all him, and he skyrocketed lip gloss nails when it was spotted on J.Lo. If you’re ever looking for a fresh take on nude nails or the perfect subtle shimmer, there’s only one man for the job.” — Bella Cacciatore, news editor

The Dermatologist: Dr. Shereene Idriss

<p>Instagram / @dr.idriss</p><p>Instagram / @dr.idriss</p>

“With more access to information than ever about skincare trends and products, it’s easy to get lost in your social media feeds. Here at Byrdie, we’ve been obsessed with Shereene Idriss, MD, since she had a following nearly half the size she does now. Her skincare tips, tricks, and science-backed expertise has made her rise above the rest in the social media landscape. She has truly become a valuable and trusted source for her followers and beyond. Not only is her way of relaying information thumb-stopping, but it’s also incredibly relatable. Taking care of your skin is self-care, but it’s important for your health, and Dr. Idriss has a way of reminding us of that while keeping us hanging on her every word. Dr. Idriss makes the practice of being skin safe easier to understand and more accessible. If her content wasn’t enough, her skincare line Dr. Idriss is always the first mentioned among NYC It girls when they’re asked what makes their skin glow. Even with her product line and massive online following, she still sees patients in the office who continuously brag about her skills. I feel lucky to know her personally and to have shared in her magic on a recent episode of Go Off.” — Star Donaldson, associate social media director

The Esthetician: Elizabeth Grace Hand

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Elizabeth Grace Hand has it all—incredible talent (her massage is otherworldly), top-tier modalities, all my favorite brands (Sofie Pavitt Face, Bioeffect, and Retrouvé to name a few), and a sun-drenched studio to die for. Her facials are mind bending and effective, and she is one of the most fun people to chat with for a full 90 minutes. At Ställe Studios, every facial is customized to your needs, and it’s Hand’s knowledge of product and technique that is the driving force for each skin and sculpt success story. She started working with Dr. Barbara Sturm (another favorite, of course) and ultimately opened up her own studio after doing facials outside of her one-bedroom apartment. She uses the Kagan method of massage, which is amazing for depuffing, and believe me when I tell you that you’ll melt under her hands.” — Hallie Gould, editor in chief

The Formulator: Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson

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“A senior beauty scientist for Procter & Gamble, Rolanda Wilkerson, Ph.D. is behind some of the most viral, beloved product launches of the year. Working across P&G’s hair and skin portfolio, Dr. Wilkerson developes disruptive innovations for brands like Olay and Pantene while also leading consumer surveys and pre-clinical testing to ensure efficacy and consumer reception. To put it simply, Dr. Wilkerson not only leads the development of products but also ensures they are tailored to the beauty needs of real, actual people. The result? Efficacious, intuitive products that fill gaps in the market for beauty consumers.” — Holly Rhue, editorial director

The Brow Expert: Joey Healy

<p> Instagram / @joeyhealybrows</p><p> Instagram / @joeyhealybrows</p>

Instagram / @joeyhealybrows

“There’s a reason you’ll see Joey Healy as the go-to brow source in every magazine—he’s as good as it gets. His signature Brow Blueprint service goes above and beyond a traditional wax and includes a facial analysis, (almost) painless brow tweezing, trimming, and custom tinting His attention to detail is meticulous, and an hour in his chair will truly change your whole face. He’s a true delight to talk to, and whether you go deep on trend talks or make your appointment a therapy session, you’ll leave with brand-new brows and a positive attitude.” — Bella Cacciatore, news editor

The Colorist: Matt Rez

<p>Instagram / @colorbymattrez</p><p>Instagram / @colorbymattrez</p>

Instagram / @colorbymattrez

“Think of a celebrity, and Matt Rez is their go-to. With clients spanning Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Adele, Dua Lipa, Lili Reinhart, and Penélope Cruz, it’s clear Rez is the talent behind the sparkling dimension and beautiful tones on every red carpet. The best part? He also continues to make time in his busy schedule for non-celebrities who fell in love with him and his work years ago (myself included). Since I first sat in Rez’s chair almost a decade ago, I’ve never been able to see another colorist. I am a loyal Matt Rez girl through and through. He just gets it and gets me, and his kind disposition and incredible talent makes the process a true joy. There is no one who deserves the accolades more than him. The five hours spent hanging and marinating in the chair are just as fun, fulfilling, and gratifying as walking away with the blonde of my dreams. He’s magic!” — Hallie Gould, editor in chief

The Facial Sculptor: Joseph Corillo

<p>Intagram / @josephcorillo</p><p>Intagram / @josephcorillo</p>

Intagram / @josephcorillo

“I have been seeing Joseph Carrillo (Sculpted by Joseph for those in the know) monthly for over a year, and the results are no less than astounding. His perspective is unique in that he’s spent two decades as a celebrity makeup artist before employing his understanding of facial structure with massage. With certifications in sculptural face lifting, Kagan, gua sha, Bojin, facial cupping, and buccal massage, Corillo takes 90 blissful minutes to lift and sculpt my face, de-puff, slim, and ease tension (and the results last for up to a full week). It’s the first time I’ve ever invested in consistent and entirely manual treatments, and the difference in my face is tangible every time. His unique method, coined The SELF Method, is designed to work more than 40 muscles to tone your facial posture (which can prevent wrinkles, enhance your natural features, and encourage lymphatic drainage). His treatments are highly sought after and miraculous. I am a believer!” — Hallie Gould, editor in chief

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