Transform Dad into a grooming enthusiast this Father’s Day with our top pick Kiehl’s grooming kit

In the realm of skincare, I’m often the go-to person my companions seek out. Whether they’re in pursuit of a sunblock that avoids a ghostly residue or a hydrating face wash that doesn’t leave skin feeling parched, I’m merely a telephone call away. Wait — did I mention that it is often my female colleagues who seem to inquire more about skincare tips? Indeed, the gentlemen don’t appear to echo the same level of interest. So, in an effort to encourage them to adopt a healthier skincare regimen, I made it a tradition to present them with this Kiehl’s grooming collection for every celebratory moment and Father’s Day (one recipient is a doting father boasting radiant skin *pats self on back*), and I’m sticking to the tradition this year as well.

With Father’s Day, a celebration of paternity, soon approaching, I’m poised to purchase an additional duo of these sets for my friends to replenish their stock, and I thought it’d be generous to let you in on this great idea!


This is the optimal and simplest path for Dad to dip a toe into the realm of grooming. You don’t even need to guide him!

$68 at Sephora

While numerous gentlemen relish skin care as much as I do, it’s likely we all are acquainted with more who don’t place much stock in it. Should your father or significant other be one of those men who could benefit from an elementary but effective skin regimen but lacks the drive to initiate one, consider gifting him this kit. It provides the full gamut he’ll require (save for an SPF — ensure you also gift him with a UV protection; this one is a favorite of mine) from the very start to the finish.

The Kiehl’s Fan Favorites Gift Kit arrives with four items in convenient travel sizes.Top selections from the label: the Ultra Facial Cleanser, Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum, Ultra Facial Cream and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. This assortment could very well be the introductory present that leads to a skincare fixation.

Should you be acquainted with any of these formulations, chances are it’s the famed Ultra Facial Cream. It’s sumptuously moisturizing, offering the perfect degree of hydration for those with normal to arid complexions. This particular facial hydrator was my initial investment when embracing an earnest skincare routine. Numerous years down the line, it remains a cherished staple of mine and ranks among the leading straightforward facial hydrators available.

Bestowing this collection upon my acquaintances in previous years, they each expressed their preference for the Ultra Facial Cream, praising its straightforwardness alongside its capacity to be delicate, non-desiccating, and genuinely beneficial for diverse skin types. It lacks any strong or floral fragrance and is never oily, simply leaving the skin nourished and pristine.

If there’s a father figure in your circle who could benefit from a skincare regimen or is looking to refresh theirs, this collection makes an excellent starting point. (Sephora)

Believe me when I say — any father in your life will adore this set (and probably require it), especially since they won’t need to make any additional purchases. It’s all included!

One gentleman shopping at Sephora commented he adores this gift set because it eliminates any uncertainty. “What I appreciate about this set is that I don’t need to ponder over a complete skincare routine as every component is neatly packed in one box,” he penned. “Not only can I try various products from start to finish, but I’m also introduced to items I might not typically purchase.”

Further, if Dad prefers skincare endorsed by medical professionals, another critic revealed that their dermatologist endorsed this brand. “He advocated for this line as superior,” the customer stated. “It renders my skin soft, revived, and it promptly ameliorates any blemishes. Definitely a good investment.”

For the traveling father, this assembly couldn’t be more ideal given that each product is of travel dimension and complies with TSA regulations. Thus, he can effortlessly pack them and depart. “This is impeccable for bringing along on trips as all products are below 3 ounces,” remarked an additional critic. “And the value of this gift set is quite exceptional.”

Several patrons noted this collection would hit a perfect score if it included an exfoliator, yet admitted its current offering is still an exceptional bargain. For context, this set’s value is $97, but it is presently priced at $68 — a significantly sensible outlay.

And isn’t variety splendid? Should you prefer to acquire a Kiehl’s skincare kit with six items rather than four, priced likewise, the On-The-Go Essentials Gift Set is my primary suggestion. This pack also includes Kiehl’s celebrated Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, alongside the Ultra Facial Cleanser, retinol serum, Creamy Eye Treatment, and Ultra Facial Cream. With this array, you’re indeed procuring considerable value for the expenditure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to head to the checkout!


The commentaries quoted above mirror the latest feedback at the moment of documentation.

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