Jennifer Lopez Scraps Summer Concert Series Amid Speculation of Ben Affleck Relationship Tension: ‘I am Utterly Distraught’

Jennifer Lopez has unexpectedly scrapped her This Is Me … Live Tour.

The vocal artist expressed in her newsletter being “utterly distraught and shattered” due to the cancelation, noting the action as “utterly imperative.” Although she refrained from offering extensive clarification, tour organizer Live Nation indicated that Lopez requires respite to spend quality time with her “children, family, and intimate pals.”

The exact influence of Lopez’s marital status on this is uncertain. She and her spouse, Ben Affleck, married for under a two-year duration, have been ensnared in sensational headlines following various news agencies reporting that they have undergone a period of living separately.

On May 31, Lopez disseminated the announcement from event organizer Live Nation that the forthcoming North American summer concert series, due to commence in Orlando on June 26, “has been scrapped,” as showcased in her newsletter, On the J.Lo. “Jennifer is dedicating time to spend with her children, family, and intimate pals,” professed part of the proclamation.

Lopez communicated a “personal note” to her followers, stating, “I am utterly distraught and shattered about the prospect of disappointing you. Understand that this would not happen if it did not appear utterly imperative. My commitment stands to rectify this for you, and we shall reconvene. My heart overflows with affection for you all. Till we meet again…”

(On the JLo)(On the JLo)

(On the JLo)

This concert series was meant to promote her greatly anticipated ninth studio record, This Is Me … Now, released in February. Her songs reflect on reawakening romance with Affleck, two decades following their terminated engagement. The reunited couple wed in July 2022. Lopez introduced two cinematic productions in tandem with the album — the romantic sweep This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, presenting Affleck, as well as a documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, delineating their courtship.

Lopez, investing millions from her own finances in the cinematic undertakings, has conveyed that Affleck was somewhat uneasy with their private life being publicly displayed in these works.

In February, Lopez revealed plans for a summer concert series. Subsequent reports surfaced about tenuous ticket sales, prompting Lopez to refashion the concert series to encompass her most celebrated hits.

Commencing in early May, gossip concerning Lopez and Affleck’s marital difficulties surfaced. People magazine was among the publications to convey the couple was residing separately. The high-profile twosome has been observed together occasionally within the past month, including a May 30 celebration for the high school graduation of Affleck’s daughter. Neither Affleck nor Lopez have offered public commentary on the speculation.

Within this turmoil, Lopez has continued rehearsals for her live performances. Three days in advance, an informant close to Lopez informed People, “They’re persevering with their separate living arrangements. She has returned to L.A. for rehearsal commitments. She appears sound. Her concentration seems to be primarily work-oriented.”

Moreover, Lopez has traversed promoting her Netflix production Atlas, which premiered during Memorial Day weekend as the top-ranking movie on Netflix in 55 nations. Affleck, concurrently occupying himself with the shoot of The Accountant 2 on the West Coast, was not present at these inaugural events.

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