Helldivers 2’s Latest Major Order presents players with a Moral Dilemma – Save Sick Kids, or Unlock a New Stratagem

Helldivers 2’s ongoing Galactic War took another interesting turn when it presented players with a moral quandary: save sick children from certain deaths or unlock a brand new stratagem.

Below is the in-universe announcement for Super Earth’s explosive PlayStation 5 and PC cooperative shooter. The new Major Order is to either liberate Vernen Wells which contains thousands of civilian survivors trapped in a children’s ward, or liberate Marfark which will unlock the MD-17 anti-tank mines stratagem. The Major Order states that only the citizens or weapons on the first liberated world are likely to be saved. Both planets are currently under the control of the Automatons, Helldivers 2’s terrifying robot enemy.

It’s a neat development from Arrowhead. Game Master Joel is pulling the strings behind the scenes of Helldivers 2 meta narrative. Even though this is all a bit of a joke, the community has already begun to worry about what they should do.

One player wrote: “We can create even more kids, but we need the mines right now.” “We’re never getting those mines….” Another said. Some even suggest Arrowhead is hiding a secret reward behind saving children, though that doesn’t seem like a Super Earth thing.

It’s possible that both planets will not be liberated. That would be a terrible outcome for everyone. There’s still some time for both to survive. It will be interesting how the galactic winds blow on this one.

This Major Order comes before this week’s new jungle themed premium warbond, and the highly anticipated game-changing patch that makes over 100 fixes to Helldivers 2 and improves it. Both are expected to be released on Thursday, July 31.

This week is a big week for Helldivers 2 & Arrowhead. The studio recently revealed that it was setting up the studio so it could “make better and more stuff” over the long term. In an introductory post on reddit, new CEO Shams Jorjani, Johan Pilestedt, former Arrowhead CEO, has recently been replaced by Johan Pilestedt, current Chief Creative Officer.The studio has had a lot of difficulty adapting to the success Helldivers 2 brings to the company.

Helldivers 2 was the fastest selling PlayStation game ever, with 12 million copies sold in 12 weeks. Arrowhead has also suffered from a number crises in the wake of the huge revenue Helldivers 2 generated. These include launch server issues and, more recently, a dispute with Sony over its controversial attempt to force Steam users to link their accounts to PlayStation Network.

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