Quartet of Kansas City Dining Establishments Suffer Amidst Vandalism Frenzy Involving Shattered Glass, All Occurring in a Single Evening

A minimum of four dining and drinkeries in close proximity in Kansas City fell prey to the menace of after-hours vandalism early on Monday morning.

Brookside Sushi located at 408 E. 63rd Street; French Custard found at 5905 Main Street; The Littlest Bake Shop situated at 5511 Troost Avenue; and Oddly Correct at 4141 Troost Avenue; all divulged accounts of similar felonious entries on various social platforms. Vandalizers annihilated their glass storefronts, trespassed, and scoured the premises for monetary assets and other precious items.

“The vandals shattered our reinforced glass entryway and hastily rummaged through the establishment for items of value, but fortunately, they only made off with our till, which contained mere coins — we make it a point to clear it nightly,” articulated Mike Schroeder, a proprietor of Oddly Correct, in a conversation with The Star. He conjectured that the expense for repairing the door would range between $800 and $1,200.

“The incident transpired somewhere around 1 a.m.,” reported Alex Wood, a partner in French Custard. “Thankfully, the misfortune was restricted solely to the entrance.”

Representatives from Littlest Bake Shop and Brookside Sushi were not available for commentary. Via Instagram, Brookside Sushi communicated that it would not be open on Monday due to the intrusion but intended to resume service on Tuesday evening. Conversely, the Littlest Bake Shop circulated a photograph on Instagram showcasing the wreckage of its shattered glass.

Officer Jacob Becchina, representing the Kansas City Police Department, mentioned on Monday that law enforcement has yet to verify any linkage between the offences.

For French Custard, this marks the third such violation since Wood and his spouse, Jessica, unveiled their Brookside establishment the previous year. During one earlier episode this past summer, robbers propelled a brick through the main portal and dashed towards the cash register.

“However, we never retain currency on the premises,” Wood clarified. “It appears that wrongdoers are increasingly preying on smaller enterprises, assuming there’ll be weaker defense systems and cash handling protocols than those seen within corporate outlets.”

Schroeder recollected that Monday was the debut intrusion for Oddly Correct since its relocation to Troost from Westport Road and Main Street back in 2021. However, a heavy-duty picnic bench, anchored to their patio, had been pilfered a fortnight earlier, with losses amounting to $800, he recounted.

“I’m somewhat perplexed on the measures the municipality could implement to deter such misdemeanors,” Schroeder pondered. “Perhaps they could extend grants to proprietors for the refinement of their protective measures?”

“I believe fostering greater cooperation amongst municipal authorities, the constabulary, and the community of smaller ventures would be an excellent initial move,” Wood suggested. “This is a layered predicament indeed.”

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