Less than 20% of Eligible US Citizens are Undergoing Recommended Screenings for Lung Cancer. Here’s Why.

Lung cancer is the most lethal type of cancer in the United States, yet recent studies indicate that a mere fraction of those who should be screened for the illness actually undergo the process. While the likelihood of staying current with lung cancer screenings increased with age, a paltry 5% of uninsured individuals reported participating in such screenings.

This investigation, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, evaluated responses from the 2022 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a comprehensive countrywide survey. Of the nearly 26,000 participants eligible for lung cancer screening, 61.5% revealed they were current smokers. Only 18.1% reported being current with their lung cancer screenings, with the percentage varying by state, and fewer Southern state residents stated they were compliant.

“It’s vital to detect lung cancer early through screenings, as symptoms may not manifest during initial stages,”

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