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Clunky, clumsy vacuums are a thing of the past — or at least they should be — and a sleek cordless stick vacuum could be exactly what you need to set yourself and your home free. You want something nimble, powerful, durable and versatile. Bonus points if it’s affordable, agile and easy to store. Well … look no more!

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We scoured the internet, sifting through product descriptions and thousands of customer comments, and procured 14 top-regarded cordless stick vacuums to perform a thorough review. From the best vacuums for carpets to the best vacuums for hardwood floors (we found great vacuums on a budget and for pet owners, too), read on for the best cordless stick vacuums of 2024, along with more on our testing process and tips for choosing the right sucker for you.

A quick note before we dive in: Most of the cordless stick vacuums here require four(ish) hours of charging to reach full battery potential, with estimated run times typically tied to “eco” or “auto” modes. When we mention height, we’re referring to how tall the vacuums are assembled; length and width reflect how long and wide the brush cleaner heads are. Last time we checked, all of these vacuums were sold on Amazon, many on sale and available with quick, free shipping so you don’t have to wait to give your cleaning a jumpstart.


Size: 6.22″L x 12.05″W x 29.68″H | Weight: 7.1 pounds | Cup capacity: 0.6 liters | Run time: 40 minutes | Filter: Yes | Power: 450 watts

Leading our list is the Tineco Pure One S11 Smart Stick, which hit the sweet spot in our testing for a sleek vacuum that offers solid performance, along with some snazzy features, at a competitive price.

For $300 (or around $200-$250, as we’ve typically seen it priced on sale), the Tineco Pure One S11 features a narrow brush head that swivels like a dream. It has headlights for seeing under low furniture and in darker spaces. At 7 pounds, the S11 is also lightweight and, as several eavesdroppers noted during our testing, incredibly quiet — enough that it probably wouldn’t wake a sleeping baby.

The suction was superb in our “carpet course” test (more details toward the end of this guide), with the Pure One S11 mowing down faux fur, sand, kitty litter, rice and cereal with ease. It only took one pass to pick up the latter from hardwood surfaces, including most if not all materials pushed up against or crushed into wall trims.

Cat hair was no obstacle and the S11 was able to get all of the dog fur in our “pet passenger” test (though it may require an extra go for fur that’s matted into dense carpets). In real-life trials, we were able to cover several rooms — or the first floor of a house, plus stairs and some curtain detailing — in what proved a true run time of 40 minutes.

Tineco’s S11 boasts a HEPA filter, two power modes (you don’t need to hold the switch the whole time you’re cleaning) and an LCD screen that displays important reminders, such as when the filter needs swapping. A color-coded ring indicates battery life and tells you when your floor is truly clean. Bonus: the vacuum connects to Tineco’s smart app for Wi-Fi enabling and additional reads.

The dust cup is a cinch to pop open and offers 0.6 liters of space so you don’t have to keep emptying it. There’s a mini power brush and additional attachments for navigating tight spaces and upholsteries. You can set up the included wall mount to charge your vacuum standing or charge the upper vacuum head portion independently (one gripe: you’ll need to dock it in the wall mount as that’s where the outlet wire plugs in).


  • Narrow brush head with lighting for visibility
  • LCD display with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Comes with a mini brush head and other attachments

  • Doesn’t display exact battery percentage
  • The wall plug connects to the mount (versus vacuum head) for charging

$300 at Amazon


Size: 15.75″L x 5.71″W x 21.46″H | Weight: 6 pounds | Cup capacity: 1 liter | Run time: 40 minutes | Filter: Yes | Power: 250 watts

For an even lighter lift (both financially and physically), the Kenmore Elite Stick Vacuum performed at the peak of our lowest price category, with a shiny frame and a brush cleaner head that has four light bulbs for added visibility. In testing, we referred to it as “Tinker Bell” because it moved swiftly, yet gently and glowed like a fairy.

It was easy to set up — three main parts, three clicks — and can be charged in the wall mount dock or plugged right into an outlet. It contains a HEPA filter for capturing 99.97% of pixie (er, dust) particles and features an LCD display that illuminates different colors to indicate charge level and motor speed. You use the switch to start and stop, and can toggle between modes via the button on top (no need to keep holding).

The Kenmore Elite offers 40 minutes of run time, which we found accurate and sufficient for tackling several rooms at a time, and performed on par with the Pure One S11 in terms of suction and trimming, only sparing a few deeply creviced rice grains in our “kitchen sink” testing. 

For being so lightweight — only 6 pounds, with the handheld portion only 3 — the Kenmore Elite has the second biggest dust cup of the vacuums we tested, with a sophisticated release functionality similar to Dyson. The tube is also flexible for getting under shallow areas without having to bend over, making it especially helpful for individuals who have — or don’t want — back problems. (Small snag: The Elite only comes with one attachment tool compared to some of our other options, though you can purchase additional accessories without breaking the bank.)


  • Narrow brush head with lighting for visibility
  • Flexible tube for navigating shallow areas
  • Sizable dust cup with sophisticated release
  • Color-coded display ring with motor speed and battery life indicators

  • Doesn’t have battery percentage reads
  • Only comes with one attachment tool

$150 at Amazon

The Shark Stratos vacuum is shown effectively vacuuming pet hair in Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.The Shark Stratos vacuum is shown effectively vacuuming pet hair in Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.

Disappearing act: The Shark Stratos eliminates matted dog hair from a car mat in one pass of our “passenger pet” test. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)


Size: 13.78″L x 10.24″W x 51.18″H | Weight: 8.9 pounds | Cup capacity: 0.7 liters | Run time: 60 minutes | Filter: Yes | Power: 309 watts

Dominating the mid-priced range is the Shark Stratos Cordless Stick Vacuum, which manages to be a lot of things, among them — and especially when it comes to carpets — a total pickup artist.

The Stratos’ cleaner head is stocked with two brushes — one that grips into rugs and another that pulls in smaller particles on surfaces for additional polishing. It promises the strongest suction of any Shark cordless stick and it delivered — against the other Shark we tested and most of the other brands on our list.

While it showed its true prowess in our “pet passenger” test, lifting stubborn pet hairs from dense car mats in one mesmerizing pass, the Stratos also performed well on hard floors, eliminating Cheerios, rice and sand in a single swoop and devouring smaller particles against trims and cabinets.

Among the Stratos’ bells and whistles are an odor diffuser, headlights and an LCD screen that displays battery life and lets you know when the floor is truly clean. At 0.7 liters, the dust cup is pretty generous, and there’s a release lever for added convenience.

Unique to all other vacuums we tested, the Stratos is an automatic, meaning it adjusts modes to provide the amount of suction you need while preserving battery life (it offers 60 minutes with a full charge, which allowed us to tackle several cleans while alternating between modes and handheld use in between). 

Unique to other non-Shark vacuums we tested, the brush cleaner head can be hinged at a 90° angle so it doesn’t dangle when you transfer it from room to room. And with the center of the tube folded down and the vacuum head plugged in, you can charge the Stratos in its entirety, right in place, wherever there’s an outlet present.


  • Brush cleaner headlights for visibility
  • Flexible tube for navigating shallow areas
  • LED display with battery reads
  • Automatically adjusts to the suction level you need

  • Dual brushes means a wider cleaner head
  • Wish it had a mini, anti-screw-style brush tool

$360 at Lowe’s


Size: 9.9″L x 9.8″W x 49.1″H | Weight: 5.22 pounds | Cup capacity: 0.34 liters | Run time: 60 minutes | Filter: Yes | Power: 150 watts

Last but certainly not least is the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Origin, which is a lean, mean — sometimes fluorescent green! — cleaning machine.

Like all the Dyson models we tested, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Origin consists of three main pieces: a vacuum head upper (handheld portion), a long tube and a brush cleaner head. You can put it together in a matter of seconds and charge it using the wall mount or by plugging the vacuum head right into an outlet.

Dyson’s HEPA filters are washable for easy maintenance, and their dust cup levers eject debris with force so there’s not much (if any) manual cleanup. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Origin comes with the brand’s traditional suite of accessories, including a crevice tool and a mini anti-screw brush tool for tackling couch cushions, car interiors and other nooks and crannies.

What sets this stick apart from some Dyson models (like the Dyson V8) is that it offers 60 minutes of run time and has a sophisticated LCD screen with battery life, modes and cleaning reads. What sets it apart from most Dyson models is that it’s powered with a push button (meaning you don’t have to keep pressing the operating switch).

What we really geeked out on however, and why we’re choosing the V12 Detect Slim Origin for our hardwood category, is that it comes with a special fluffy brush roller — complete with a neon green light that illuminates everything in its path — designed for hard surfaces specifically.

It got every bit of material in our “kitchen sink” test, no matter how small or creviced the grain. Because the roller is soft and the brush cleaner head is narrow and nimble, we were able to use it against walls and in tighter spaces, such as around bathroom toilets, without having to swap in different attachments or worry about banging up baseboards. At just over 5 pounds, this sleek specimen also happens to be the most lightweight we tested, gliding over hardwood surfaces gently but swiftly without scuffing them.

We felt like we were in the latest “Ghostbusters” movie when using this (it’s that cool) and referred to it as “the closer” because we relied on it to zap any materials left behind during testing segments (I’ve continued to use it in my apartment, which is hardwood save for some throw rugs, since). Our only complaint is that the dust cup is among the smaller ones on our list. That, and the fact that the soft brush is, well, sort of addictive to use.

Shopping tip: We opted for the Dyson V12 Detect Slim here because it’s the most affordable and lightweight of the brand’s “Detect” family (that, and the press button is super convenient). The traditional anti-tangle brush cleared hair and other materials from carpets. If you’d like a little more carpet traction (say for really thick rugs or homes with pets), the Dyson V15 Detect and Dyson Gen5detect offer the same illuminating fluffy brush, but with larger dust cups, more suction power and an optimizable anti-tangle cleaner brush head with three surface settings (something that made a difference in our “pet passenger” test). Additionally, the Gen5detect boasts an extra ten minutes of run time, plus an On/Off button, for those who prefer to be more hands-free. Keep scrolling for more info on the Dyson cordless stick vacuums we evaluated.


  • Slim fluffy cleaner head with laser for hardwood visibility
  • Attachments include a mini hair screw too for smaller surfaces and tighter spaces
  • Digital display with mode, battery and cleanliness reads

  • Detangling cleaner head doesn’t have lighting
  • Pricey

$525 at Amazon

Dyson V12 Slim Ultra Cordless Stick Vacuum shown illuminating and cleaning Cheerios for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guideDyson V12 Slim Ultra Cordless Stick Vacuum shown illuminating and cleaning Cheerios for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide

Glow-getter: The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Origin’s soft brush illuminates everything in its path fluorescent green — and it’s fun to see! (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

Size: Higher stick vacuums generally equate to longer tubes and greater reach, particularly helpful for those who are tall or navigating vast, shallow surface areas (like beneath platform beds). That said, more height means you’ll be farther from your target, in which case extendable or flexible tubes can help with maneuverability (and lights can help with visibility). Longer brush rolls mean fewer swipes for wider floors but they may need turning when tackling narrow areas, such as under a small nightstand. Wider brushes require shorter strokes for longer floors but may necessitate additional swipes for wider surfaces.

Weight: The lighter the vacuum, the easier the lift (and steer). Lightweight designs glide across hardwood floors seamlessly but can have a difficult time bearing down on, say, thick carpets. Lighter models tend to be associated with smaller dust cups, though not always, and fewer tech components (like LCD screens and respective engineering that can prove top-heavy).

Cup capacity: Larger cups house more dirt so you don’t have to take as many trips to the trash can. Most of the stick vacuums we scouted — and tested — fell between 0.4 and 0.8 liters, with the Kenmore Elite and Homeika Pro at 1 liter plus and the Dyson Outsize taking the lead with almost 2 liters. Aside from capacity, we preferred cups with lids that opened automatically with the help of a lever (usually on the side or along the backside of the bin) versus having to manually unclip the lids and, in some cases, having to reach our fingers in.

Run time: According to our research, the average cordless stick vacuum run time hovers around 30-40 minutes for a budget-friendly model, 40-50 minutes for mid-priced and 50 minutes or above for luxury, with the Dyson Gen5detect topping our list at 70 minutes. We suggest at least 40-50 minutes for multi-floor jobs, and thorough cleanings incorporating “max” modes and attachments.

Filter type: A lot of cordless stick vacuums available today are equipped with a filter for zapping pollutants and improving air quality, with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters considered the gold standard. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), HEPA filters “theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns,” with larger or smaller particles “trapped with even higher efficiency.” Follow instruction manuals for how and when to replace filters for optimal results (many, like Dyson, now use washable filters for cost efficiency).

Wattage: A higher wattage often correlates to greater suction power. High-voltage batteries generally have a longer shelf life, or run time, so you can tackle more space or several vacuum jobs in one go without recharging.

Brushes and attachments: Most of the cordless stick vacuums we tested come with a detangling brush roller that can be used for multiple floor types including carpets, some with an additional soft brush roller for hard surfaces. Brush cleaner headlights offer more visibility in low lighting and beneath furniture, while mini roller attachments help tackle tighter spaces (such as inside your car; they’re also great for getting stubborn pet fur from couch interiors). Brush tools aid in detailing and spot-treating (cushions, curtains), whereas crevice tools are a must for navigating ceilings and wall corners.

Docking and storing: With freestanding docks, you don’t have to screw a wall mount into place to keep your stick vacuum upright. Alternatively, all of the vacuum head “uppers” on this list can be charged separately via plug. You just have to then reattach them to the vacuum tube and cleaner head base when finished.

The Tineco Pure One S15 and Shark Stratos are shown freestanding for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.The Tineco Pure One S15 and Shark Stratos are shown freestanding for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.

No mount, no problem: The Tineco Pure One S15 comes with a freestanding, preassembled dock. The Shark Stratos tucks down and relies on its cleaner head as a base, for mobile stationing. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

We set up several obstacle courses to test these cordless stick vacuums against materials with varying shapes, textures and depths on different surfaces (carpet and hardwood) and their respective attachments on sofa and other upholsteries. Additionally, we put them through their paces in real-life scenarios, prioritizing homes that needed a good cleaning and/or had pet inhabitants. The nitty gritty:

  • “Carpet course” test: We spaced out materials — faux fur, rice, Cheerios, kitty litter and sand — across a plush carpet to see how the vacuums managed to cut through the clutter.

  • “Kitchen sink” test: We poured rice and Cheerios on a hardwood kitchen floor to gauge how well the vacuums could get a grip — especially against trims and in cabinet crevices.

  • “Passenger pet” test: We asked family and friends to avoid vacuuming for a week, then used car mats to collect the fur their pet companions had shed, to see which vacuums had the best suction.

  • “Vacs gone wild” test: We didn’t stop there! We clocked over 30 hours testing these vacuums in different houses and settings to see if they could rise to different occasions.

Piles of faux fur, rice, kitty litter, Cheerios and sand are spread out on a plush carpet for testing. Piles of faux fur, rice, kitty litter, Cheerios and sand are spread out on a plush carpet for testing.

Risky business: We sucked up faux fur, rice, kitty litter, Cheerios and sand on a plush carpet for one of our “Carpet Course” tests. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

The V8 Cordless Stick Vacuum is among Dyson’s more compact and budget-conscious Dyson models, a touch taller and longer than the V7 with a slightly wider brush head and a bit more pickup. The vacuum maneuvers effortlessly over and around rugs and hardwood floors, and the hair screw tool worked miracles when it came to tight corners and detailing pet-loved couch interiors. The carpet suction isn’t on the level of what we found with Dyson’s adjustable brush cleaner head (more below). Because of this, combined with the smaller dust cup (0.4 liters) and shorter run time (40 minutes; we clocked 25 minutes when toggling between the higher power mode), we suggest it for smaller spaces with hardwood floors or shallow carpets and quicker jobs. Of note, the V8 doesn’t have a digital display with battery life readings, so you don’t know when it’s going to stop.

With the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum, you get the same roller brush, attachments and operation style as the V8 but with a tad taller and heavier yet still incredibly nimble frame. For a $100 price increase, you get extended run time (60 minutes total) and a bigger cup size, ideal for tackling multiple rooms (we also found the cup release lever, located on the underbelly of the bin, more effective at riding waste than the V8). Plus, you get an LCD interface displaying power modes — in this case, three — along with battery life readings for keeping track of your juice.

The Dyson Outsize Cordless Stick Vacuum is essentially a jumbo-sized Dyson (hence the title), with the highest vacuum height and longest, widest brush roller, plus the largest cup capacity, of the Dysons we tried. It functions similarly to the Dyson V11 (there’s an LCD screen, three modes and a 60-minute run time; the attachments are the same), but the Outsize has an adjustable cleaner head that allows you to toggle between three settings. The “-” optimizes performance for hardwood floors and the “+” offers better traction on carpets, a difference that really stood out in our “kitchen sink” and “carpet course” tests. Last time we checked, it was only $30 more than the Dyson V11, a worthy splurge for bigger homes and wide, open spaces such as basements.

The Dyson V15 Detect is slightly heavier and pricier than the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Origin, with the same attachments, neon-emitting fluffy brush, LCD screen and run time. As mentioned above, it has a larger dust cup (0.8 liters), a bit more pickup (240 watts) and an adjustable anti-tangle roller brush that can be optimized for hardwood (“-“) or thick rug (“+”) surfaces, which appeared to make a difference in our traditional “kitchen sink” and “pet passenger” tests. The catch? As with most Dyson stick vacuums, you need to continuously press the V15 Detect’s power switch to keep it going the whole time.

Dyson’s gen5Detect model offers the same bells and whistles as the Dyson V15 Detect — a detangling digital cleaner head and fluffy laser cleaner head, attachments and equal dust cup capacity — with slightly more power and a battery life of 70 minutes. The digital readouts are a nudge more sophisticated and — unique to all of the Dyson vacuums we tested except one — there’s a Start/Stop button so you can rest your fingers from time to time (though at 7.6 pounds, this stick is on the heavier side).

A lineup of cordless stick vacuums from Hoover, Tineco, Shark, Kenmore, Bissell, Homeika and Samsung for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.A lineup of cordless stick vacuums from Hoover, Tineco, Shark, Kenmore, Bissell, Homeika and Samsung for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.

Sleek lineup: A selection of non-Dyson cordless stick vacuums prepare to go head-to-head in a range of tests to determine the best. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pet Smart Stick Vacuum has one of the sleekest designs and smartest digital displays in its price range. Like many of the other vacuums on this list, it can be set up in a matter of seconds and comes with an equally minimalistic-looking, freestanding charging mount that requires no assembly. The LCD screen is similar to the Pure One S11, with Wi-Fi connectivity and a color-coded halo to distinguish the level of cleanliness, plus battery reads, and the brush cleaner head has ample light for visibility. As evident in our “pet passenger” test, the suction is a bit stronger than the Tineco Pure One S11 (just behind the Dyson and Shark vacuums we tested) and attachments include a mini anti-tangle brush for getting into grooves. Of note: there were a few instances where the S15 had trouble holding down its meals, spitting out finer particles such as rice from our “kitchen sink” test (should you want to vacuum up such things).

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum has some of the most powerful suction of the cordless stick vacuums we tried: In “boost” mode, comparable or just behind the Dyson Detects and Shark Stratos in our “pet passenger” test. In our “kitchen sink” test, regardless of the mode, it gobbled everything in its path — even down to finer Cheerio pieces and (most) rice particles in cabinet edges. Like the Stratos, it has a headlight for visibility and you can hinge the tube and brush cleaner head for controlled carrying; you don’t need a wall mount to charge it standing. We like how the Samsung Stratos automatically adjusts its modes based on the job at hand (for the Rocket, you select between “hardwood” and “carpet” modes but have to hold the “boost” lever throughout) — and offers 20 additional minutes of run time. All things considered, the Rocket is still a solid choice for pet owners or anyone else who’s looking for serious pickup on a smaller-than-Dyson dime.

Bissell’s IconPet Cordless Stick Vacuum is designed with an anti-tangle brush and glowy LED brush cleaner headlight that illuminates fur and other fine fibers. It fell in the mid-range for weight (8 pounds) and cup size (0.4 liters) amidst our testing group and navigated regular carpets and hardwood floors just fine. It boasts an LED crevice and dusting brush tool and mini LED brush tool for added visibility and versatility. But the IconPet didn’t perform as well as some vacuums in our “pet passenger” test, requiring a few passes to get the fur out of the car mats. In the “kitchen sink” test, it had some trouble swallowing Cheerios, spitting them out here and there. In “turbo” mode, this baby sounds like a turbojet, so we wouldn’t recommend using it if someone is sleeping or you have very thin walls.

The Hoover OnePwr Blade+ comes with four pieces that are easy to put together and operate (you press different buttons to apply light, as well as to choose between two suction modes). For added convenience, you can charge the battery on its own without the vacuum head. With the brush cleaner headlight on, it performed great in our “carpet course” test and fine in our “kitchen sink” test (save for some smaller particles here and there, usually against ledges). It struggled without the cleaner brush headlight on, however, stumbling on Cheerios and skipping particles of sand. It got clogged a few times and released some materials through the cleaner head while in use or when shuffled from room to room. Additionally, we wish the cup size was bigger (it’s only 0.3 liters) and that we didn’t have to unclip it from the rest of the vacuum for emptying (though it’s a clean release, so we didn’t need to put our hands in).

Last but not necessarily least, we have the Homeika Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum, which, for just over $100, comes with two filters, brush cleaner headlights and an LCD screen that displays its battery life. It’s lightweight (only 3 pounds when using the handheld version), has a retractable tube and can be charged with or without its base, ideal for traveling, vacation homes and college dorms. In our tests, Homeika traction was on par with, or just slightly below that of, the Kenmore Elite, with similar scores for hardwood floors (though Kenmore edged out Homeika slightly when it came to nipping finer particles along tight trims and has a slightly longer run time at 40 minutes). For being so compact, the dust cup capacity is substantial, only second to the Dyson Outsize on our list, though we did have to put our hands in to remove thicker clumps of hair here and there. It only comes with one attachment tool (while the vacuum itself is fairly quiet, the wheels can squeak a bit, too.)

A black and white cat is shown siting on a vacuum instruction manual for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.A black and white cat is shown siting on a vacuum instruction manual for Yahoo Life's Best Cordless Stick Vacuum guide.

Resident petspert: Pom Pom “pawses” to review vacuum user manuals to ensure they’re up to snuff. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

Stick vacuums typically consist of a vacuum head, complete with a battery, dust cup, control buttons, filter and sometimes a digital display screen (think of the head, or “upper,” as its central processing and operating unit). The head attaches to a thin tube, which then connects to a brush cleaner head with roller(s). Alternatively, the “upper” can be attached to various attachment tools (versus the tube) for handheld use.

Like many upright vacuums designed today, stick vacuums are often bagless (thanks to their dust cups), the biggest distinguisher being that stick vacuums are usually cordless. Because of this, you can move them around a room or home freely, though you’ll have to charge — and are limited to — the battery. Given their svelte silhouettes, cordless stick vacuums also tend to be more nimble and storage-friendly.

Not typically. Part of what makes stick vacuums so nimble is that they’re generally lightweight. Most of the stick vacuums we evaluated weigh in at around 6 or 7 pounds when completely configured, with Kenmore Elite and Homeika Pro handhelds weighing in at just over 3 (meaning fewer back aches and less elbow grease).

Because cordless stick vacuums tend to be lighter and less powerful than corded upright vacuums, they are thought not to “hunker down” quite like corded upright vacuums. That said, we experienced good rug traction with the models we tested, especially when it came to Tineco (may need an extra pass), Shark (hold your throws!) and Dyson (the V8 and V11 being adequate, with the Dyson Outsize, Dyson V15 Detect and Dyson Gen5detect including “+” toggle on the brush head for even greater suction power against plush carpets).

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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