#DontStreamOnMax is gaining traction across social networks. Reasons behind the decision to avoid streaming service Max.

The trend #DontStreamOnMax emerged on twitter on Monday, preceding the yearly gathering of shareholders for the owner of Max, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Initiated by an enthusiast group called Adopt Our Crew, this campaign with the hashtag started on June 3 and has spread across Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr — conveniently timed with Warner Bros. Discovery’s annual stockholder meeting. Since the initial tweet by Adopt Our Crew, the hashtag #DontStreamOnMax has been mentioned in over 22,000 Twitter posts.

Max, previously called HBO Max, is an on-demand streaming platform that features content from Warner Bros., HBO, Discovery Channel, amongst other providers. They additionally present their own created content known as Max Originals.

The moniker “Adopt Our Crew” originates from Our Flag Means Death, a comedic historical series about pirates. Its lead producer revealed in January that the series would not continue for a third installment, prompting the group to unite to maintain their community’s strength following the discontinuation of the series — and to support its acquisition by another network or service.

Adopt Our Crew’s spokespeople disclosed to Yahoo Entertainment that they now have broader goals beyond just the show. They are “committed to promoting queer narratives,” and the #DontStreamOnMax movement is the “outcome of prolonged dissatisfaction with the cancellation or indefinite postponement of numerous productions without adequate justification.”

The collective asserts that Our Flag Means Death garnered “critical acclaim, impressive viewership figures, and a significant buzz on social media” and that it was advertised as a “leading original series” for Max.

“If Our Flag Means Death cannot thrive, what show can? We are far from the only audience to experience this letdown,” stated the Adopt Our Crew members. “Watching complex, imperfect, stunning, queer tales like the ones presented in Our Flag Means Death can transform lives and forge bonds within a community.”

Even though the initiative started with devotees of Our Flag Means Death, it now epitomizes a greater cause. As per the 2024 Where We Are on TV report by GLAAD, a staggering 36% of all LGBTQ characters will not be returning in television series — 17 of these characters from cancelled Max series, with 8 from Our Flag Means Death.

Messages under the hashtag highlight the significance of representation and perceived shortcomings on the part of the streaming platform in elevating new and varied content.

Max, among other streaming services, has been under scrutiny previously for discontinuing and revoking access to original content, depriving viewers who had formed attachments to these productions. Fans have, however, previously managed to rescue series facing cancellation through concerted social media movements, thereby finding a motivation to amplify their demands.

A statement issued by Adopt Our The team aims to inform “shareholders, subscribers, the marketplace, and the wider public about the alienation of audiences attributable to recent measures by [Warner Brothers Discovery] and Max, which are leading to subscriber and revenue declines.”

Max’s spokespeople have not yet issued a response to a request for commentary from Yahoo Entertainment.

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