Following his unprecedented conviction, Trump turns his attention to retribution

Donald Trump is preoccupied with the notion of payback, and neither Sean Hannity nor Dr. Phil has the power to dissuade him.

Both have made attempts.

In the wake of his historic guilty verdict in New York, Trump’s declarations, notably his dialogues with the two men, have prominently featured the theme of “vengeance” concerning his adversaries should he reassume the presidency.

Trump’s rhetoric stems from his fixation with the narrative that President Joe Biden and the Democrats concocted a legal charade to undermine his presidential run — an idea of political witch-hunt unsupported by evidence.

On May 30, a New York panel of judges found Trump guilty on 34 charges related to altering business documents linked to a $130,000 remittance he disbursed to an adult movie actress during the 2016 election. The Biden administration was in no way involved with the legal case.

Yet for Trump, it’s entirely political, and vengeance seems necessary.

“Indeed, vengeance does require time, that’s for certain,” Trump remarked during a Thursday dialogue with Dr. Phil. “And occasionally revenge might be warranted, Phil, honestly I must admit. At times it can indeed be so.”

Trump has participated in no less than five dialogues since his conviction. In each one, he has discussed potential retaliation.

“There ought to be concern,” Ty Cobb, the lawyer who acted as legal counsel for the White House during the Trump tenure, observed. “From an aerial perspective, my observation is that Trump is more incensed now than ever before due to his now being a convict.”

“Former President Trump has communicated clearly that success shall be the ultimate retribution,” Trump’s top consultant Brian Hughes stated. “Where others have employed governmental and legal bodies for political disruption, he intends to restore these entities to their fundamental role of defending the freedom of Americans and fostering a secure and thriving country once more.”

The conversation with Dr. Phil ensued just a day after Trump’s session with Hannity when he occasionally seemed to argue with himself over the concept of inflicting revenge.

At one juncture, Trump declared “they’re mistaken” as the Fox News anchor questioned the assertions of those who believe Trump will leverage his administration for retaliation, yet concurrently, he proposed potential avenues for action.

“Consider the following, once this election concludes, in light of their actions, I’d rightfully have every cause to pursue them,” Trump asserted. “And it’s simple because it’s Joe Biden, and you notice the illicit acts, the influx of cash into his and his family’s possession, all that money from China, from Russia, from Ukraine.”

Hannity attempted to dissuade Trump from thoughts of revenge, interrupting at one point to encourage him to assert that such political vengeance “has to cease.”

Similarly, Dr. Phil sought to have Trump commit to avoiding vengeance should he triumph in November.

“It’s a major issue and I leaned significantly into the stance of, ‘Look, this won’t serve the nation,’” Dr. Phil informed CNN about his interview with Trump.

Trump has made analogous remarks in other interviews and manifestations.

On Tuesday, speaking with the conservative platform Newsmax, Trump appeared to hint at the prospect of imprisoning his political foes if he is reinstated as president.

“So, it is truly a dreadful, dreadful route they’re ushering us onto, and it might very well be that it has to happen to them,” Trump mused.

“Does it mean the ensuing president should do the same to them? That’s the real interrogation,” he added.

He has also insinuated that there might be a “breaking point” for the citizenry if he faces incarceration or domicile confinement while awaiting sentencing, which is set for July 11.

An overt quest to retaliate against political rivals is not a novel concept for Trump or his acolytes.

In his tenure as president in 2020, Trump took to digital platforms to inquire “Where are all of the arrests?” mirroring criticisms from his champions that his attorney general, William Barr, hadn’t detained individuals such as Biden, past President Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton over allegations of illegality related to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia inquest.

Moreover, during his 2016 crusade against Clinton, Trump made “lock her up” a battle cry, vowing to his followers he’d incarcerate the ex-secretary of state upon being elected. Trump has recently refuted ever uttering “lock her up” despite significant recorded evidence of him doing so over the 2016 election cycle.

Trump frequently casts his demands for retaliation as a crusade on behalf of all his patrons.

“I’m acquainted with numerous Republicans seeking retribution,” Trump disclosed to NBC News on Wednesday at Mar-a-Lago. “They’re inclined to pursue that path. We will observe what unfolds.”

To an assembly at the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference, he announced, “for those who have suffered injustice and treachery, I am your avenger.” In January, he communicated on Fox News that he shall be “too preoccupied for retaliation” if elected — these remarks succeeding shortly after dispatching a fundraising email again assuring his followers “I AM YOUR RETRIBUTION.”

However, as the gravity of his legal troubles becomes more apparent this year — and particularly since his conviction — this vengeful tenor has moved to the fore.

“Even Hannity saw the peril of this path and endeavored to pull him back,” stated Cobb,

who, in the corridors of the White House, orchestrated the internal countermeasures to Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference. “Trump would have it no other way.”

Cobb is of the opinion that even if Trump sought vengeance motivated by partisan politics, the robustness of the country’s frameworks would prevail despite the inherent risk.

“I believe the system of checks and balances is strong enough to counteract these tendencies because execution requires the involvement of others,” he further stated.

For those who staunchly support Trump, the resurgence of emphasis on punitive measures against adversaries garners favor.

“I concur with his sentiment,” expressed Adam Radogna, a 35-year-old proponent of Trump from Cleveland. “Nothing unlawful, of course. He’s essentially stating, ‘If you target me, expect to be targeted in return.’”

Parker Shonts, a 22-year-old advocate of Trump from Fowlerville, Michigan, considers it an issue of “responsibility.”

“You might say ‘revenge’ is just a term utilized in campaigns, but ‘responsibility’ seems more fitting,” he commented.

The drive to seek retribution resonated with Trump’s followers anew on Thursday when a magistrate decreed that Steve Bannon, a past counselor to Trump, must report to incarceration July 1 to commence a quartet of months behind bars for his refusal to honor subpoenas from the Jan. 6 panel. This development incited wrath among Trump’s adherents and led Bannon to unveil overt warnings.

“Spare your prayers for me. Offer them for my adversaries,” Bannon declared on Thursday. “They’re the ones in dire need.”

In reaction to Bannon’s mandated incarceration, Trump disseminated a message on Truth Social demanding indictments against the Jan. 6 committee members.


AMENDMENT (June 10, 2024, 11:19 a.m. ET): An earlier rendition of this text erroneously reported the date of Trump’s conviction. It occurred on May 30, not the 31st.

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