Adidas Envelops the Iconic Superstar Sneaker in a Translucent Shell

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Adidas introduces a millennial twist to the iconic Superstar, encapsulating it in a style suggestive of jelly shoes.

The Adidas Superstar Bubble is sheathed in a translucent, swollen casing offered in a medley of hues and blends. Beneath, the Superstar model retains its traditional black and white design, while the transparent casings vary in orange, purple and mint, along with gradients mixing red with blue, orange with black, and pink with black.

Halted at the sole’s perimeter, the casing reflects the shapes of the underlying shoe’s design in a magnified manner, including the well-known shell toe and Three Stripes design. Also present are the Adidas trefoil emblems on the tongue and heel, and users on social media showcase that the casing can be removed with ease, suitable for those who wish to switch up the look or other creative purposes.

The origins of jelly shoes trace back to the ’80s — the stylistic wave ensuing the Superstar’s arrival — but they experienced a significant resurgence in the 2000s, positioning them for their present comeback. The moniker “Jelly Shoes” derives from the French company that introduced the PVC-based shoes, although they’re often referred to simply as “jellies.”

Sneak peeks of the Adidas Superstar Bubble started to circulate last year, sparking curiosity, and the avant-garde design is now gradually making its entrance in global markets through Adidas’ channels, including in Korea. The translated price hovers around $100. The U.S. release details remain undisclosed, but Footwear News will continue to provide timely updates.

Adidas Superstar BubbleAdidas Superstar Bubble

Adidas Superstar Bubble

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