25 best anniversary gifts for your husband that he’ll never forget

So, we heard that it’s your anniversary. First of all, congratulations! But now, it’s time for the real work to begin — and that’s finding the right gift for your hubby. We know — sometimes, shopping for gifts for men can be so difficult, even if he’s the love of your life. So, we figured we’d make things a lot easier on you and share a few ideas (25, to be exact) — each would make a memorable wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

Is he more of a romantic? How about a heartfelt greeting card that explains your love or a personalized record (complete with your wedding photo and first dance song)? If you know he’d prefer something a bit more practical that he can actually use every day, the new (and first-ever) Sonos noise-canceling headphones will make you spouse of the year (once again). And if he’s on his feet all day, he’ll love you forever for getting him this foot massager that has so many settings that he’ll never want to get up again.

Regardless of what he likes, we’ve found the perfect anniversary gift that he’ll cherish forever — and with prices starting as low as $6, there’s something for every budget here.

Shop anniversary gifts for husbands by category:


If your husband’s a romantic, this will be right up his alley. The cover text explains why he’s “your favorite,” while the inside comes blank, allowing you to share your own words about why this anniversary is so special for the both of you. This one also makes the perfect thoughtful last-minute gift.

$6 at Amazon


This one’s a mix of romantic and practical, so you’re basically getting the best of both worlds. Made of vegan leather, this tray and keychain has text that articulates how much you love your man. And if he has a habit of losing his keys, he’ll now always have somewhere to put (and find) them.

$16 at Amazon


Your first dance is something you never forget. Every time you randomly hear that song in passing, it always brings back the feels, right? With this personalized Etsy bestseller, he’ll be reminded of your special day every time he looks at your shelf.

$23 at Etsy


Are you the couple that loves to coordinate? If so, first of all, we love you, and second of all, you’ll both love these unisex embroidered hoodies. Wear them on your next couple’s trip and have them embossed with Roman numerals of your wedding date — it looks cool and is sentimental at the same time.

$36 at Amazon


Marriage is fun — don’t let anyone tell you any different. And this game is one of the easiest ways to maintain that daily spark. It comes with 100 cards printed with romantic activities from making a list of your three favorite movies and binging them all in one weekend to asking your partner to pick an ingredient they love and making a meal for them from scratch using it — Master Chef much?

$50 at Amazon

Artifact Uprising

Photo albums aren’t just reserved for your wedding portraits. In marriage, every year matters just as much as the last, so what better way to show this than to chronicle the year’s best memories together in an annual photo book? Artifact Uprising has some of the best photo album quality you’ll find and you can do it all from your computer. Best of all, this can become a yearly tradition for you both!

$72 at Artifact Uprising


Does the hubby love his canned drinks? If he does (or even if he doesn’t), he’ll appreciate this cooler cup that serves double duty as both an insulated can cozy and a 10-ounce tumbler. It’ll definitely come in handy during your next family cookout, couple’s trip or beach day.

$25 at Stanley


Take this from a husband who’s received this as a marriage anniversary gift — it’s worth it! If your hubby has an Apple Watch, but is desperately in need of a new band, this one from trusted tech brand Nomad has a modern look but isn’t too polished and formal, making it perfect for everyday wear. It’s also waterproof, soft and flexible, so his wrist won’t feel restricted — and best of all, it lasts!

$60 at Nomad


Whether your man already has a skincare routine or needs to start one, Kiehl’s is a trusted brand that many love and say works — especially men. Its products are formulated without a bunch of fragrances, so they’re ideal for the man who wants products that are simple yet effective. I gift this particular set to my closest male friends for their birthdays (they anticipate it every year to re-up on the previous year’s products), and they swear by this stuff. And, since they’re all travel-size, he can take these through TSA with no issues.

$68 at Kiehl’s


If your husband is on his feet for most of the day, get him this machine to massage his feet so you don’t feel pressured to. To be honest, this may even do a better job. It has settings for deep-kneading, compression, shiatsu and heat and fits up to a size 13 men’s foot. With over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s no surprise that it’s a shopper favorite.

$100 at Amazon


Whether your husband travels often for work (or leisure) or just needs a new bag for his daily commute, this backpack from Monos will give him so much bang for your buck. It holds so much while somehow remaining slim and trim. It’s also water-resistant and comes with the brand’s unique QuickSnap Modular Kit System that lets him remove or attach the front pouch in, literally, a snap.

Inside, you’ll also find several pockets and compartments for a 15-inch laptop, shoes, pens, books and more.

$180 at Monos

Our Place

Is hubby the cook in your household? Then, he’ll love the recently released Titanium Always Pan Pro from Our Place. In fact, if he’s a real home cook then it’s probably already on his wishlist.

While the Always Pan is known for its multi-use design, this new pro model has everything the original had with a bunch of improvements that fans have been begging for. According to Our Place, it has the first-ever nonstick technology that’s coating-free (no chemicals), it has a tri-ply construction and a stainless steel exterior, quick-heating aluminum core and long-lasting titanium interior. Its surface is also 300% harder than stainless steel, making it “virtually indestructible,” so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this one and he’ll love it for years to come.

$195 at Our Place


Is your husband still using the manual speaker that’s been in the family for generations? It’s time for an upgrade — and this one from JBL is compact, packs a punch and is easy to use. The JBL Xtreme 3 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, so he can take it with him to any room, wherever he goes. It’s also waterproof, has up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge and even serves double duty as a power bank.

$197 at Amazon


Sonos is known most for its premium home theater systems like its soundbars and portable speakers, so when the brand recently released its first-ever wearable product, audiophiles took note. If your husband is a tech-lover or can use a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that will last him forever, the Sonos Ace fits the bill — and he’ll be a part of an exclusive club of folks who’ve already gotten their hands on it.

The brand says it brings that movie theater-like spatial audio to your ears, setting it apart from other brands on the market. It also has an ergonomic headband and soft, wide ear cups that don’t hurt your ears after hours of wear. 

$449 at Adorama


If your husband loves telling jokes but isn’t the best comedian (we can’t all be good at everything, right?), this book can be your way of steering him in the right direction. It’s packed with 100 corny dad jokes that are sure to land — at least a few times. Give him a little help! After all, he’s the love of your life.

$7 at Amazon


Some people believe that gifting a man socks is lazy, but that’s just because they haven’t found the right pair! These come decorated with all the husband clichés (a tie, watch, beer mug and loafers), but under the soles, you’ll find a heartwarming surprise: “Best husband ever.”

$8 at Amazon


We love (and trust) a Shark Tank-approved product and when it has a sense of humor, we love it even more. This one is made specifically for the husband who always tends to take a bit too long in the restroom. It’s a five-minute timer that operates similarly to an hourglass, but, instead, has a tongue-in-cheek design that any silly husband would appreciate. In and out, sir. In and out!

$14 at Amazon


Insulated coffee mugs are everywhere right now. So, for you to invest in yet another one, it must have something special going for it. This one is made specifically with a special man in mind (yes, your special man), and it has an adorable “Nutrition Facts” list that covers just about everything that makes him great: thoughtful and dependable are just a couple of standouts on the list.

$21 at Amazon


We already went over how romantic the idea of matching is, but what about matching underwear? Too much? No? Then MeUndies’ MatchMe program will make you giddy with excitement. You get to customize and match your undies to your hubby’s with an array of adorable matching prints. What’s more? You can even opt to sign up for a subscription for a monthly delivery of matching skivvies. How cute!

$46 at MeUndies


This one’s just as much of a gift for you as it is for him. If you’re tired of seeing his beard or hair trimmings all over the bathroom sink and vanity, get him this genius beard apron that catches all the hair in one place, making it easy to dispose of when he’s done. And, at this price, you really can’t go wrong!

$14 at Amazon


Movie nights at home just got a whole lot better! If you two are a movie-loving couple, get adventurous with your snacking options with this popcorn kernels and seasoning variety pack. It comes with five premium seasonings like caramel corn, chili lime and white cheddar, and three non-GMO kernel options including fluffy white gold, crunchy ruby red and sweet tricolor blend.

$22 at Amazon


Whether your hubby’s a professional bartender or just pretends to be one at home, this 12-piece kit has everything he needs to make him look and feel the part. It comes with everything from a 25-ounce cocktail shaker, ice tongs and a strainer to a muddler, wine opener and bottle stoppers. Plus, it comes in this durable and sturdy bamboo stand and a cocktail recipe book.

$24 at Amazon


If your man is a golfer or wants to give the sport a try before committing, this portable putting green is both fun and practical. It’s the perfect way for him to practice his swing at home without having to move a bunch of furniture around. It comes with three holes and built-in sand trap cutouts.

$35 at Amazon


It doesn’t get more unique than a personalized item, and this passport case is sure to get lots of use. This is the one I use and, after owning it for over four years and taking it on several trips, it still looks brand new. If your husband’s a nervous flyer, this case will keep all of his documents organized. It has designated spots for his passport, boarding pass, credit cards, ID, some cash and extra room to spare.

Also, since it’s made of EcoCraft canvas, it remains durable and is both spill-proof and stain-repellent (my two favorite features). Personalize it by adding his hand-painted initial to the front for that special touch.

$95 at Paravel


If bird-watching is one of his favorite hobbies, he doesn’t have to leave home to get in on the action — this smart bird feeder comes with a camera that lets him view the stunning birds right from his phone or tablet. Since it has auto-detection, when a bird lands on the rail, he will get a notification to view it. It also comes with a wireless camera built-in — so all he needs to do is add the bird feed and it’s smooth sailing.

$130 at Amazon

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