Terms of use

Terms of use
Registration conditions
Our services are completely free and reserved for persons legally capable of entering into contracts under Algerian law. Our services are not available to minors under the age of 18. If you do not meet these conditions, you should not use our services.

The role of Ferdja.com
Our role is not that of a "sales company". On the contrary, our site is only an online medium whose purpose is to allow anyone, anywhere and anytime, to sell or buy practically anything they or it wishes and which is in accordance with the law.

We host the content of ads posted by sellers (text, photos, etc.) and validated by the administrator. We do not intervene in the transaction between buyers and sellers. Consequently, we exercise no control over the quality, the safety of the objects listed, the veracity or the accuracy in the advertisements put on line, the capacity of the sellers to sell the said goods or services nor the capacity of the buyers to pay the said goods or services. We cannot guarantee that the seller will complete the transaction.

Caution of members.
Since user authentication on the Internet is difficult, we cannot confirm the identity of each member.

Discharge of responibility
Since we do not intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers, you release us from any liability in the event of a dispute between several members for any claim, and any present or future damage, presumed or not, observed or not, resulting directly or indirect of these complaints.

Prohibited items:
As a member of Ferdja.com, you are required to ensure that the item you wish to buy or put up for sale is authorized on Ferdja.com. To ensure that you have a good understanding of the Ferdja.com regulations, we invite you to consult the list of prohibited products:

Weapons and knives
Used medical equipment
Excavations, Fossils and Minerals
Uniforms, decorations, badges
animal parts
Firearms and explosives
Cultural goods
Goods subject to embargo
Stolen or concealed property
Lottery tickets
Credit card
Official documents issued by the State
Contracts and tickets
Drugs and related objects
Prohibited surveillance equipment
Counterfeit coins and counterfeit stamps
Financial instruments
Mailing Lists
Objects of a pedophile or pornographic nature
Prohibited or regulated goods
Hardware for opening locks
Medicines and parapharmacy
Organs and products of the human body
Dangerous and illicit substances
Items prohibited for sale will be systematically deleted by the administrator.

Description of announcements
Listings describe items for sale (or for which you are soliciting offers to purchase). They can only include text and images that you provide to us. All items listed must be in the appropriate category. The seller is solely responsible for choosing the category in which he wishes to reference his ad. The referencing of an ad by a seller in a specific category can in no way be interpreted as a guarantee Ferdja.com on the authenticity or origin of the object sold.

Fraudulent acts
Without excluding other remedies, we may suspend or terminate your account if you are found to be engaged in fraudulent activities in connection with our site or the publication of advertisements for prohibited products.

Legal Compliance
You agree to comply with the laws, regulations or standards of all kinds in force relating to the use of our services, the sale, purchase, solicitation of offers to purchase or sale of 'objects.

legal information
Ad validity
Ferdja.com will not keep outdated advertisements in order to artificially increase its database.

We will not post any ads without having a valid SMS account.

Ad control
Ferdja.com will remove any advertisement contrary to the law, placed in the wrong category/city, vulgar or contrary to its charter.

Ferdja.com will also remove any ad with a promotional title or incomprehensible content.

Members of the site are invited to report ads that do not meet the spirit of Ferdja.com.

Please refer to the different reporting categories.

Ferdja.com undertakes to remain FREE to individuals
Placing an ad is free, viewing or responding to an ad is free.

Respect for your privacy/Spam
In order to minimize the risks of Spam, all e-mails exchanged between users on our service pass anonymously through our servers.

We are required to collect a certain number of data necessary for the proper functioning of the service and for the publication